This morning I failed to wake up early and go for a run. I also failed to make my usual green smoothie. And then I failed to make my morning tea. But I’m not complaining…

With my failure to wake up and go for a run came an extra hour of cuddling up with my husband, who I haven’t seen much of this week. With my failure to make a green smoothie came a delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs, potatoes and cheese-topped with chipotle Tabasco-cooked by the hubs. And with my failure to make my tea came my enjoying the heck out of a cup of coffee.

I also can’t complain because I did manage to bring a tomato-carrot-red pepper concoction for lunch…and I have a running date with Ben after work. Followed by fish tacos on homemade tortillas. I also managed to make it  to work on time. Life is good.

And did I mention I had coffee this morning?

It’s mornings like this that make me realize how blessed I am. To be honest, I’ve been very stressed lately due to circumstances that are out of my control and some goings-on with loved ones. And though this morning doesn’t magically fix everything, it does remind me that there are still a lot of blessings in my life-like that wonderfully supportive guy I tricked into marrying me-in addition to the difficulties. It also reminds me that although life is full of “oops!” moments and little hiccups, that’s what makes the great moments so much sweeter.

So, I hope that you had as excellent a morning as mine, little failures and all.

One Comment on “Fail?”

  1. Liz says:

    Did you have coffee this morning?

    Sometimes failure isn’t a bad thing…

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