Last night was my final night at my part-time job. I’ll be starting my normal summer gig next week. In all honesty, it was bittersweet.  I am looking forward to having some time off (only working 40 hours) before I begin another crazy-but familiar-schedule…and I am glad for a change of scenery…but I’ll miss the people and I feel bad for leaving them.

It’s funny how we can be so conflicted about changes in our lives, whether they be big or small: “It’s great except for this part…” or “I want this to happen but not if that goes along with it…”  or even, “I need to do such-and-such a thing, but I can’t because of X, Y and Z.”

We put these conditions on our happiness when we should just …be happy, roll with the punches and embrace the adventures that come our way. Yes, it can be scary, but it’s living! God did not intend for us to be stuck in the same place, doing the same thing and being afraid and unhappy. He wants us to live, to love and to grow… while having some fun.

If you fall flat on your face, it’s to prove that you can pick yourself up, you can bounce back and do better, still.

As I’ve gotten older, I admit, I’m a bit more cautious and I have my moments of doubt.  But I still embrace change. The last three years have brought a multitude of changes-both good and bad-and I’m in a place I never imagined. But I’ve never been happier. And I’ve never felt more open to possibilities.

I was cleaning out my inbox yesterday and stumbled across messages I’d written from 2007. It’s crazy to see written proof of how different I am, to see how my state of mind and my priorities are so different… and yet, I’m still me. I can still see that 19-year-old girl…

And here I am in 2012, itching for something new, wanting something different and looking forward.

 Time for a change….

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