Gross But Necessary: A New Leaf, Turned Over.

 I’ve got a problem. I am terrible at getting out of bed in the morning. Seriously, it’s super difficult. I manage to make it to work on time… most of the time. But anything earlier than that requires a small miracle. And it’s hit or miss as to whether or not my hair is brushed.

My snooze button and I have a long-standing affair… Farmer Ben grins and bears it, but hearing that ever-present beep (not so) secretly hurts his brain. And his soul. I worry that one day I will wake up to a broken alarm clock…or even worse! A shove out of bed. He’s a man on the edge.

So, why–besides the obvious issues– is this a problem?

  • I’ve got a few races coming up. Big exciting races that require training. More training than I have been doing.
  • I’m at a stand still. I’ve managed to take off 20 lbs (16 since joining MFP!)…but as of late, my scale hasn’t moved. I know that I am healthier, but I can stand to lose a few more…and to tone up!
  • I’m tired all the time. No matter how much sleep I get, it’s not enough…I can’t explain it, but there is something about that runner’s high that gets me through the day. Even if I am running on too little sleep, that run gives me the push I need…I’m feeling the lack of energy–and motivation.

It’s time to get moving.

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but my work schedule doesn’t allow much time…period, and working out is especially a challenge. I go directly from job 1 to job 2… so I really only have time to run late at night or–you guessed it!–the dreaded morning.

Late at night would be fine, if I didn’t have to be to work at 8 am and if I got out any earlier than 9 or 10 pm. My sleep schedule is wacky enough and I fear that night workouts will interfere even more.

So what’s a runner girl to do with all of these excuses obstacles in her way?

Publicly commit to training.

I know. That doesn’t seem very exciting… or motivational. Anyone can write “Going for a run!” on their Facebook wall. And a lot of times that public commitment doesn’t last.

But this time, there’s a catch.

There will be photographic evidence. Of me.

Embarrassing. Sweaty. Gross. Red-faced. Photos for your viewing pleasure… if you so choose.

I’ve been contemplating doing this for some time now and honestly, I’ve been scared… But there’s no time like the present, so here’s the plan:

I am going to take a photo after every run/workout I do. I’ll post them once a week (every Thursday!) until my races in a special series called “GBN,” meaning Gross But Necessary!

The meaning behind this phrase? My wise friend Pato coined the term in honor of taking necessary photos, regardless of appearance. Thanks for the inspiration. Major props… I’m stealing  borrowing it.

So, in honor of turning over a new leaf, here is my first installment of GBN:

1. After a long interval run. This is me celebrating the fact that I am still standing!

Notice the car coming… No big deal.

2. It was really hot. Please don’t judge this entire photo. And me. I have a feeling I am going to regret this…

This is what running in 90 degree weather looks like.

3. This may be a little worse than number 2… Again, just happy that I made it through the run in the heat.

If I smile, does it cover up the fact that I am past the point of glistening?

So, now that that’s over with, here are a few more ways you can help me get my butt out the door!

1. Join me on MFP! (My Fitness Pal) you can either click the icon on my homepage or go to and look me up. My username is nre820. The more people I know are watching, the more accountable I am held.

2. Send me an early morning email to get my butt out of bed (they come to my phone)! Or just something motivational… if I love it, I’ll post it!  My email is noellesnotebook at gmail dot com!

3. Tell me, what gets you moving? I want to know! A favorite song? A race? Friends? Fill me in, please!

Happy Running, I’ll see you out there!

One Comment on “Gross But Necessary: A New Leaf, Turned Over.”

  1. […] of bed for a run this morning. 3.34 miles and a photo. Look for it in next week’s GBN post! This series is off to a great start…and by great start I mean… I […]

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