Date Nights Are My Favorite…

It’s only Tuesday, but I am already pretty happy about this week…between being on top of blog stuff (like new posts and updating all of my pages!), getting my sweat on during runs and getting caught up at work, I am kicking booty and taking names! I also have a shopping trip planned with some of the ladies from work. Cannot wait!

The GBN experiment is going well and I am pumped to show you this weeks gallery of gross-ness!

Yesterday was date night with Farmer Ben. It consisted of a delicious dinner (veggies from the garden/down the road, of course!), followed by stretching and a nice hilly run. It was pretty challenging but I think I have a new go-to route.

Here’s a look at our dinner:

Salmon over volcano rice with tomatoes, jalapeno, fresh corn and onions.

We felt even better after we blew all those running calories on the biggest “medium” soft serve I have ever seen. 

Note to self: Do NOT let Ben order me a medium again!

After ice cream we headed to the movie theatre to FINALLY see The Dark Knight Rises…Holy Moly. My mind was blown. Such a good movie and my love for Joseph Gordon-Levitt just peaked. Be still my beating heart! I know, totally late on the DKR commentary, but still. So good. I’m a bit tired today, but it was worth it.

Today will consist of work, work, and a night run…with a lunch date thrown in the mix.

Like I said, it’s shaping up to be a great week!

Happy Tuesday!


One Comment on “Date Nights Are My Favorite…”

  1. says:

    Love the dinner Pic. and completly agree Joseph Gorden-Levitt awesome! and movie was good better a lot ive seen in theaters latly

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