FB is Totally Boss.

Warning! This post is going to get a little sappy. And maybe a little obnoxious.

See, I was going to explain why I am having such a good day today…but then I realized that a big part of it was Farmer Ben. There were a few other things (like winning a call-in radio prize!) but the big parts of it are the manfriend. So, be warned.

Reasons Why Farmer Ben Rocks:

  • He makes me breakfast. If you’re new here, you probably haven’t figured out that I am absolutely terrible about getting up in the morning. Because of this, some breakfasts leave something to be desired. Yesterday, I had dry cereal and coffee. This morning, FB got up before me and made homemade hash (steak, potato and onion) topped with a fried egg. This is one of my absolute favorite meals in the world. I know, it’s nothing fancy, but it was delicious and he made it. Just because.
  • He takes care of things. I received a text this morning saying that my car (Zeke) had had an oil change, new wipers and a full tank of gas. No big deal. He also picks up after me, helps me find my keys and calls my phone when I’ve lost it and drives me to work.
  • He remembers things I don’t. Important things, like socks, my rings, sneakers and pens. And when I forgot them, he drops them off to me. No questions asked.
  • He let’s me take ridiculous pictures and post them on this blog I write. He also deals with me constantly photographing our dinner,even when he’s starving and just laughs at me.
  • He runs with me. And (mostly) enjoys it. This means so much to me.
  • He pushes me. To be a better person, to grow in my faith, to run faster, to put my clothes away and to chase my dreams.
  • He compliments me. Every day. Just because.
  • He’s hilarious. Farmer Ben is ridiculous. And he makes me laugh. Loudly and obnoxiously.
  • He holds my hand. Even if we are just driving in the car or standing in line at the farmers’ market, Ben will reach for my hand or put his arm around me… just to remind me that he’s there. And he’s with me. I love this.
  • He’s nice to look at. True story.

I love this man.

 I was feeling pretty blessed today. God’s given me a pretty amazing hubby.

Thank you, Farmer Ben. I am so blessed to have you as my hubs.

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