GBN: Week 4

 Time is flying!

I cannot tell you how much better I feel after  just four weeks of consistent running–Not sporadically going twice in one week and then taking two weeks off– running a few times a week, four weeks a in row. It seems so simple, but execution can be tricky with a busy schedule.

My legs are changing before my eyes and I’m seeing muscles I haven’t seen in a few years. I’m so aware of my body and in awe of what it is able to do. Instead of chastising myself for how I look, I’m thinking about how amazing it is that I am able to run, that my body naturally knows what to do even if my brain is saying “no!”  and that when I am ready to give up, it still carries me home, pushing through the pain. I love this.

Anyway, onto week 4!

1. Friday-Rest day.

2. Saturday-4.69 miles. Farmer Ben and I headed out in the early afternoon. Plagued with knee and hip aches, it didn’t go as planned for either one of us but we managed to finish strong….and sweaty.


Courtesy of Farmer Ben… thanks?


Thanks again, Hubs… I think…

3. Sunday-4.42 miles. I was going to take Sunday off but after a pretty frustrating afternoon, decided to take a mental health run. I averaged 9:30 pace and felt really good doing so…I really picked it up at the end for a strong finish.


Just before dark…

4. Monday-3 mile walk. I met up with my friend Ashley for an after-work walk. It was a nice break for my legs and it was great to have some girl time.

Red and White….

 5. Tuesday-Fail Rest Day. No matter how much I try to plan ahead, I can never seem to get out for a run on this day of the week. I don’t know if this is a good thing or bad thing…

6. Wednesday-2 miles. I had planned on a four mile run but I was kidnapped at the halfway mark by my sister and her hubby (who came up for a super short trip) and taken to dinner. At least I got in those two miles!


GBN at dinner…

I haven’t done my Thursday run yet but I am pretty happy with the rest of my week. My mileage was low but of high quality. I feel like I am getting faster but still need to get in some speed work.

Total Mileage: 14.11

Goals for next week: I want to run on Tuesday. And do some intervals. And try to get up earlier for a longer run.

How were your workouts this week? And were they in the morning or afternoon?

Happy Running!

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