A typical Monday …

Today was crazy. I was off on Friday to attend a conference and came back to a gigantic stack on my desk…

I had a loooooong meeting and then a few small emergencies items to take care of… which means that I still have a gigantic stack on my desk. No big deal, it will be there tomorrow.

Luckily, I have a pretty fantastic hubs who makes it difficult to dwell on a less than stellar day. Not only did he cook up a fantastic lunch,  but I also came home to chicken and biscuits in the oven. Yum.


This is a masterpiece.

After dinner,  I got to enjoy an early birthday gift… I am not sure who was more excited.


So precious.

Yes, that is a 5 lb bag of organic french roast. He just gets me.

We decided to test out a healthy spin on a favorite-the pumpkin spice latte… so good but so much sugar … and other ingredients!

This recipe was super simple, a lot less sweet and only a few ingredients.  Always a win. I am writing this from my phone,  so I will update with the link later, but I definitely recommend it.

Anyway, we decided this was definitely a repeat treat.


Pumpkin spice in my favorite mug

I am such a lucky lady. Love you, Farmer Ben. Thanks for always being way too good to me!

Have a great week!


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