An Explanation…and Other Stuff

Alright, the “worst blogger ever” award goes to…Me.  I have no excuse for my long absence other than…well, I’ve just had a lot going on. And…I haven’t really been moved to write much of anything lately.

An example? I spent the better part of last weekend with one of the worst stomach bugs I’ve ever had. Six pounds in a weekend–NOT the best way to lose weight! Ugh! Obviously an over-share….sorry.

While we’re on this unpleasant topic, thank you to Farmer Ben for being the best hubs. Period.

Anyway, besides being sick….again (seriously, I have been sick more in the last four months than I have in the last four years!), life has been a bit crazy. The routine I’ve desperately tried to (re) establish is still eluding me… but it’s getting closer.

Winter has definitely gotten the best of me, but I am working my way out of this little funk I’ve been in as best I can. It’s been a slow process.

For whatever reason, this time of year is always a bit of a struggle and even though there are things I know that I should be doing, sometimes it’s just easier to put on my favorite pair of sweatpants, curl up on the couch with a glass of wine and lose myself in a good book instead of facing the real world…which is exactly what I’ve been doing most days the last few weeks, instead of…almost anything else.

Honestly, I’ve felt like a zombie for the last couple of months… and I’ve been dragging my feet and being stubborn about some things I need to do.

I’ve got some stuff, for lack of a better word, I need to work out and some decisions to make in regard to goals I’ve set for myself. Luckily I have Farmer Ben here to help me out and give me a push when I start procrastinating.

In other news…

This weekend I attended an event called “Food from the Farm.” It was basically a big information expo: Lots of local farmers, wineries, cheese-makers, orchards and the like in  one room, tasty food made with local products and tons of other great info. Obviously, I loved it!

I didn’t take any pictures because that would have been a great idea… but I got a lot of great information on CSA options from area farms and got to meet and catch up with some amazing people from the area.

As you probably know, the hubs and I grow a ton of veggies in the summer, so we don’t really need to buy vegetables in those months… or even in the winter for that matter. (I did pick up some information on vegetable CSA shares for friends, and if you live in the Plattsburgh area and are interested, I can pass it along to you as well.)

But, we are dying to get a meat CSA.

We very rarely buy mass-produced meat, we’d rather get our meat from a local and known source…

So, we’ve discussed it and decided the best solution would be to get a CSA share. We could also go the “buy a half cow” route, but that’s an awful lot of meat for two people.  There are also options to buy an egg and dairy share. Dream come true. Seriously!

Surprisingly, there are quite a few options in our area,  from a traditional CSA to more of a “Farm Bucks” program (the amount you pay gives you a credit to the farm, you select what you’ll need for the week and the total is deducted off of your balance.) Again, if you are in the Plattsburgh area and are interested in meat CSAs, I can send you information.

Let’s be real, I’m just happy that we have options and that this local food thing is FINALLY catching on up here. Thank you, Lord!

Anyway, we’ve got some options!


Here is a sneak peak at dinner lately:


Spinach soup a la Joy the Baker


Homemade stuffed shells and sauce

Happy Monday!

2 Comments on “An Explanation…and Other Stuff”

  1. thefroglyprince says:

    My roommate just got over something like that this week. :/

  2. Tammy says:

    I love spinach soup and it is so healing!

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