Where Has The Time Gone?

Two years ago on this day, Farmer Ben gave me the shock of my life.

Two Years Ago?! What?!

Two Years Ago?! What?!

He proposed.

I will never forget that moment.

There wasn’t anything special about the day,  just a typical Tuesday afternoon. I had gone to his house for lunch and he was pestering me about what he was going to make for dinner. I had just eaten a slice of pizza so, for once, I had zero interest in food or poking around his kitchen in search of sustenance.

Little did I know, he was trying to get me to look in the refrigerator because he had placed the ring on the top shelf. My pizza-eating had foiled his plan. He finally got me to open the fridge by insisting that I look at the chicken he was cooking for dinner.

And then I saw it. It was a beautifully wrapped box, complete with a colorful ribbon.

Unfortunately,  I still didn’t get it…I thought it was a box of chocolate.

It wasn’t. Ben, exasperated, finally said “Just open it!” 

And I did. Then I proceeded to ask, “Ben, WHAT IS THIS?!” about 235457454 times.

He told me to open the ring box, and I asked him one more time, “Ben, What. Is. This?!” 

He responded,  “So, there’s a question that I’ve been meaning to ask you for a while now…” 

He continued (I’ll spare you the sappy stuff) and asked me to be his wife.

Of course I said yes.  After I almost died of shock, of course.

We were married five months later. It was one of the best decisions I’ve We’ve ever made.

The first of many "happiest days of my life."  (photo courtesy of Jona Favreau).

Awwww! (photo courtesy of Jona Favreau).

I’m so blessed each and every day.


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