Questions Only

Can I just vent for a moment?

I just did that thing where you write something and then delete the whole thing. And then I did it again.

Deep breathe, here we go.

Without going into detail (honestly, the details don’t matter), I had a very frustrating conversation today that makes me wonder if certain summer plans are going to be worth the constant headache, which this conversation reminded me that I will, without a doubt, have.

I have to ask myself some questions.

  • How far am I willing to go to achieve certain goals I have for myself?
  • And will it be worth the constant frustration?
  • Is this a test?
  • Or is it a sign that I should turn around and run in the other direction
  • And how do I KNOW? 

Tell me, have you ever been in this kind of situation? What did you do? 

Is it Friday yet?


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