Marathon Training: Update

Marathon Training is challenging. The running itself isn’t the hard part, it’s really the time needed to DO the running…among all of the other things.

Does that sound weird?

You have to make sacrifices:

Like not sleeping in, waking up early (Ha!) or staying up an hour or two later to get that training run in,  skipping out on a happy hour or a shift drink after work or not having a meal with your hubby because you want to avoid running at the hottest part of the day….

And you have to schedule….Ew.

I’ve mentioned this before. And I’ve talked about how I am going to work on saying no and plan ahead… but stuff comes up…I’ve found myself overwhelmed more than a couple of times and wondering how I’m going to fit in my long run…or any run, depending on the week!

But…I’m dealing with it. And I’ve gotten better about saying no…most of the time. I have so much respect for those who are busier than myself and are still able to get out there and make things happen. Mad props.

But it’s worth it. Once you find that time and get out on the road, it’s just  you, the run, your faith and…time. Perfection.

I’ve also been focusing on upgrading my running gear:

I recently purchased a CamelBak for my long runs, because, more than likely I am not going to get out as early as I want to and running in the heat is no fun.

I also bit the bullet and spent way more money that I usually do on a pair of running shoes. I went with the Mizuno Wave Inspire 9. I went with these shoes because they have more support, something I’m finding I need with longer distances.  I’m taking them out for the first time tonight!

Next up: Sports bras and better bottoms. Any suggestions?!

Listening to my body:

The shoes I was running in before aren’t that old, but I’ve had some serious foot pain–so much that I took the last week completely off (I was still active, but I wasn’t running)–and the last thing I want is to be sidelined with an injury.

My other (super light-weight) sneakers are great for shorter runs, but after about 6 or 7 miles, I want to cut my feet off….and then I hobble around for the next few DAYS. I don’t have time for that! Lately, I’ve been doing more hobbling around more often than not…not a good sign.

I was adhering to the “tough it out” school of thought, but after a solid three days of hurting, I finally caved.

It sucked taking a week off, and I hate to skip a long run…but my foot pain has decreased drastically and I’m feeling rested.

I’m feeling confident that rest, combined with better shoes and a focus on stretching (ahem…) will help.

Not beating myself up:

I’ve mentioned before that I am not as fast as I was at this time last year… and in all honesty, on some of my long runs, I’ve had to stop and walk… this would have infuriated me last year…but now I’m okay with it.

I’ve come back from being injured and trying to prevent (or remedy?) a new injury. If this means I need to walk for a few minutes on a 14 mile run, I am okay with that. In the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t make a huge difference.  I’m still out there doing it.

Ditching my scale (for now):

This is something new, allow me to explain.

I’ve been annoyed (especially for the last month) because my weight has not budged. I’ll have the normal 1-2 pound fluctuation, but the number has not changed…. then I went up a pound… again, in the grand scheme of things, this doesn’t make a huge difference. I know that that number doesn’t mean perfect health and overall I am healthy and fit…

But it’s still frustrating, especially when I’m doing a lot of running, eating whole foods and staying active.

Instead of getting angry, I’m focusing on the fact that I’ve lost 30+ pounds and maintained that for quite some time… and my body is such a powerful creation that it can handle whatever I throw out at it. It can adjust and adapt without missing a beat. That is pretty amazing, right?

I stumbled on the Darwinian Fail’s #bodyLOVE challenge today and decided to join. One of the steps is to ditch your scale for the month of July. So I figured, why not?

I’m doing it… I’m going to focus that negative attention to training and to fueling my body with the right foods. I eat healthy for the most part, but in case you missed my last post, I’ve been indulging the last few days…80/20 principle, right?!

In short, marathon training is going. It’s a learning process but I am doing it. Loving it. And I’m learning to appreciate myself in that process.

What are you training for? How do you handle injury and time obstacles?

Happy Running!

4 Comments on “Marathon Training: Update”

  1. chasingkath says:

    Props on training for a marathon! It’s funny how tidbits of this post remind me so much of many of my current situations 🙂 Good luck!

  2. zeelemons says:

    you might get a little sticker shock (don’t say I didn’t warn you) but lululemon is by far my most favorite running apparel store. I’ve had running shirts, shorts and crops now for about 6 years that don’t stink and haven’t torn, fuzzed, or snagged. and if they do, lululemon will replace them for free! oh, and Burlington has a great, new (and bigger) store!

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