GBN: 18 miles!

I have a confession.

This may make me sound like a big kind of a jerk.

It feels absolutely incredible kind of good when people ask me what I did this weekend and I can say, “oh, nothing too much… worked, hung out with the hubs, ran 18 miles, you know… nothing too exciting.”

And then… I get the incredulous stare. “You did what?!”

Am I the only one who slightly enjoys that moment in the conversation?

But to be fair, running (or in my case, mostly running) 18 miles, that IS a big deal. And 26.2…that’s going to be HUGE.

So I’m sorry… you are going to hear and read about…but fear not, we’re almost there! My apologies if I start to sound like a broken record…

Anyway, after 17 miles, I learned a few things.

  • I need to be careful about my meals the few days before my run.
  • I need to buy waterproof sunblock because I sweat like a beast.
  • I need to change-up my running gear to prevent hideous tan lines and weird chafe marks (TMI?).

So, in preparation for 18 miles…

  • A lot of my meals looked like this:
Roasted beets, cukes, lettuce, beet greens, tomatoes, carrots and homemade horseradish avocado dressing.

Roasted beets, cukes, lettuce, dill, beet greens, tomatoes, carrots and homemade horseradish avocado dressing.

  • I tried to wear shorts as much as possible to get rid of these beautiful lines. It didn’t work.
Check out those gams...

Check out those gams…

  • I also ordered a full pack of ENERGYbits!
  • I made sure to eat something relatively bland mild on Friday night…

Unfortunately, I had to work both jobs on Friday and once again, didn’t get home until well past my bedtime. I let myself sleep in, but I wasn’t happy. I had wanted to get my run out-of-the-way early and it just wasn’t in the cards.

This is probably the most frustrating thing about training. It never goes as planned.

It’s maddening.

Once I could finally peel my eyelids open, I had a bagel with peanut butter and banana for breakfast.

I headed out a little after 11 am. Luckily, it was a cool breezy day.

This run went better than my last long run (I had a 17-miler under my belt, after all).

I started out slower and kept my pace (mostly) constant. I had my mapmyrun app going but it was being  wonky–at the end of my run it said I had gone a total of 22 miles. Fail.

I picked a 9 mile loop to do twice. This helped me break things up.

For fuel:

  • An apple
  • A Mint Chocolate Clif Bar
  • 1 pack of SHOT Bloks
  • Water

I’m definitely a fan of the real food over shots and gels. My stomach thanked me. I had to talk myself into eating the Clif bar while running, but I am glad I did. I still noticed that after the run, I felt very dizzy and light-headed…I think this has to do with the amount that I sweat…all of those precious electrolytes!

In spite of the lack of sleep and after-dizziness, I felt strong during this run. It was good for me mentally to break it up into sections. But man, those last two miles were rough, and again, I let myself walk–probably a bit more than I should have…but I was definitely in a better place in those last two miles than I was during my last long run.

Finishing 18 miles was great, but my heart sank when I realized I was still a mile and a half from my house and needed to walk home. That was one of the most painful and longest walks of my life. Mentally, it was good for me…but I almost cried, especially when I finally got back to my house and had to make it upstairs.

Note to self: plan your route so you finish at home.

I also ran out of water. This made the walk home even more frustrating. As soon as I got into the apartment, I chugged some chocolate milk and a giant glass of water. So delicious!

One thing that I  noticed, holy moly I was so sore!

After last weekend’s run, I was impressed that I felt so good… not this time. I was weak, run down and am still sore three days later! I attribute my recovery from 17 miles to ENERGY bits. 18 miles was a different story.

I’m glad that my bits came in so I can start taking them before my next long run! We’ll see if my theory is correct after 20 miles.

My soreness was aggravated by the fact that I had to work at the restaurant–again! I have already requested my 20 miles run off. I just…don’t want to do anything after those runs.

Overall, I’m feeling better about training. I still beat myself up about missing a training run, but I know that sometimes stuff happens.

That 18-miler was a huge morale boost. I’m still working on finding the perfect combination of fuel, but I’ll get there.

Incredibly sore, but still smiling!

Incredibly sore, but still smiling!

My goal for this week? Get my runs during the week in. It’s going to be tough, especially as I have zero free nights this week, but I want to–and need to–get them in.

This month is going to be tough. My runs are long and my time is almost non-existent…but as crazy as it sounds, running (along with my wonderful husband) is one of the few things keeping me sane right now. So, I’m making time for it in any way I can.

This weekend’s long run is 13 miles. Not gonna lie, I am looking forward to it. But, I’m also looking forward to 20.

What is the hardest thing about your training program? Have you ever (almost) cried during a long/strenuous workout? What do you use for electrolyte replenishment?! Do you have any embarrassing running tan lines?

Happy Running!


2 Comments on “GBN: 18 miles!”

  1. tinamhein says:

    18? Wow. Great job my friend. You most certainly deserve to feel incredible when you say that too. I find the long runs intimidating once we get to the mid-teens. Shoot me an email and let’s talk fuel sometime. YOU ROCK!

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