A Day Off in Vermont: Run to Chocolate

Happy Monday Friends!

How was your weekend? Mine was pretty spectacular. Not only did I get to spend some quality time with the hubby, but we also knocked off two races this weekend!

Friday night was spent hanging out with the teens in our youth group. P.S.: I’m starting to feel really old when I make movie/music references and they have zero idea what I am talking about….sigh… but other than that, we had a good time.

Run to Chocolate (2 Miles):

On Saturday, Farmer Ben and I got up early, layered up, packed a bag with extra clothes and headed across the lake.


It was frozen

After we got off the ferry, we stopped at Wally’s Bagels for breakfast and coffee. If you’ve never been, check them out. Best. Bagels. Ever. I went with egg and spicy cheddar on a rosemary olive oil bagel.


Farmer Ben is not impressed

Once we had our bagels, we jumped on the highway and headed north to Fairfax, Vermont. It actually wasn’t too long of a trip. Even better, I can finally say that I have driven on a covered bridge…unfortunately, I forgot to document this with a photo.

The hubby and I got to the school where the race was held about 40 minutes before starting time. Luckily, it was a pretty low-key event, so we had plenty of time to register, stretch and stay in the warm gym.

We lucked out with the weather, it was a beautiful, sunny day… but the course was snow-covered and slippery. It was an out and back on a dead end road, complete with a nice uphill toward the end… coming back through the school parking lot for the finish was a little tricky, so I didn’t have my usual kick.  Farmer Ben ran the race in 17:34 and I finished at 18:44, not too shabby for the conditions.


Finish photo

After the race, we walked back into the gym to find tables of chocolate. There were chocolate bars, truffles, chocolate chip cookies, brownies, hot chocolate and a chocolate fountain. The chocolate bars, truffles and fountain were all local. Heck yes! We even scored a few Fleet Feet $10 certificates… not too shabby for a $10 registration fee!


Terrible photo of the chocolate fountain

Farmer Ben and I got some hot chocolate and brownies and grabbed some of the other chocolate goodness for later. We ended up chatting with two women from Hardwick, VT and even talked them in to coming across the lake for Strides for James!

After the race, we headed to Fleet Feet so I could pick up a new pair of running shoes. The staff sized me, did a gait analysis and then had me try on a few pairs of shoes and watched me run on the treadmill. I ended up getting the Mizuno Wave Inspire 10….with $35 off.


Cannot wait to break these in

Then, we went to Chipotle. And we had a gift card.


Happy Hubs

After Chipotle we headed to downtown Burlington and meandered around Church Street.


Ice sculptures in Church Street

We ended up going to the Saratoga Olive Oil Company and came out with 4 bottles…1 was free!

I guess you could say Saturday was the day of the discount!

Overall it was a great day off and it was so fun to race with the hubby!

How was your weekend? Did you race? Would you run for chocolate?!

6 Comments on “A Day Off in Vermont: Run to Chocolate”

  1. […] 1: Run to Chocolate. This was only a two mile race, but Farmer Ben and I had so much fun! Time: […]

  2. Jennifer Theoret says:

    Oh yes, I would Run to Chocolate! It was cancelled last year due to the extreme cold, but they are planning on bringing it back for 2016 (Feb. 13th). I have never run before but I am planning on this. What would you recommend for footwear for this race? I have almost no budget, but I do have a couple pairs of NB hiker/runners with good tread. I’ve also been practicing running in my boots just in case 😉 Also, what time does this event usually end? Thanks! Hope to see you there!

    • Hi! Thanks for stopping by! I just wore regular sneakers, but I will tell you that it was slippery. I was okay and took my time with the really slippery areas. If the course is the same as it was when we ran it, it’s downhill for the first mile and uphill the second (an out and back).

      Another runner gave me the idea of taking an old pair of running shoes and putting little screws/studs in them for extra traction, this would be good if you aren’t too attached for them and don’t want to splurge on yak traks (sometimes you can find the knockoff brand at Sam’s Club as well).

      Again, I just wore my regular running shoes and I was okay. It’s definitely not a course to run for time.

      Hope to see you there as well! 🙂 Happy New Year!

      • Jennifer Theoret says:

        Thanks, Noelle. Good idea with the studs… I have an older pair I may do that with just in case it is really slippery. I am out of shape, overweight, and over 40, but I have been getting ready (too pathetic to call it “training”) for this event since early November. I am guaranteed a personal record if I finish the race because I have never been in a race before! When I asked about the time, I meant did the whole event wrap up at noon? 2 pm? Or how does that work?

  3. Jennifer Theoret says:

    Sadly, Run to Chocolate has been cancelled for 2016. 😦

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