4 Years Ago….

Farmer Ben and I were married. It was a disgustingly hot, but absolutely beautiful day. It wasn’t ridiculously over the top, but it was exactly what we wanted in a wedding–good food, the people we loved and wine in a beautiful place.

Our life has changed so much since that day….especially this year!

We’ve been through a lot over the last 365 days. There was a new business, followed by the decision to leave that business. There was a move, job hunting and job finding. There was a major career change, followed by a major loss of a friend and mentor. There were family milestones and weddings and runs and new friendships! We’ve been tried, tested and pushed to the limit, but we’ve been through it together.

I’m grateful for all of the laughter and the tears and I am blessed that you were by my side through it all.

Thanks for being the best hubs, Farmer Ben. I love you. Each and every day.

The first of many "happiest days of my life."  (photo courtesy of Jona Favreau).

                                                             (photo courtesy of Jona Favreau).

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