If you’ve been reading my blog, you probably know that I strive to eat well (most of the time) and take care of my body. I don’t believe in taking a lot of pills, supplements or vitamins because I prefer to get them directly from the food I eat.

ENERGYbits is part of my effort to live well.


I started using ENERGYbits in the summer of 2013 while I was training for my first marathon and have continued using them because they work. Not only are my runs “powered by bits,” but my (ridiculously busy) life is as well. Read my original review here.

The best thing about bits is that they are one ingredient. They’re not some mysterious powder/pill/liquid with ingredients you can’t pronounce. They’re food….and so much more!

Here is the nutrition information (taken from the energy bits website):


Pretty amazing, right? They got me through my first marathon and are my go-to fuel of choice…whether I’m working a double shift or getting ready to do a long run.

Some people question why Bits are “so expensive,” but if you break it down by serving, they are actually very affordable. You can also cut out other supplements/vitamins/proteins/energy drinks… so in the end, you’re actually saving money AND investing in your health.

Here is a comparison chart, based on 30 bits (depending on your daily need, you may need more or less):

Nutritional Comparison Chart

Anyway, after using bits for a while, I became an ENERGYbits ambassador… because I believe in this product and love the way it makes me feel (not only do I feel like I can conquer the world, but my hair, skin and nails have never looked better!)… I can also give you a pretty fabulous discount.

Simply use the discount code “NoellesNotebook” for 25% off your entire purchase on the energybits website. *

Not sure you’re ready to purchase an entire bag? Feel free to contact me for a sample–Samples are $5 ($3 for the bits, $2 for shipping). OR, if you have any questions about ENERGYbits, feel free to reach out to me (noellesnotebook@gmail .com).

*Disclaimer: As an ENERGYbits ambassador, I do receive a little bit of money if you order using my discount code, however all opinions are my own.

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