So Long, 2012!

Oh hey! It’s January 2, 2013…I suppose I should do the obligatory year in review post. So…here goes!

On 2012

Best Running Moment:

I really kicked up my running game this year and am so happy I did. I’d have to say my best running moment was a tie between the Ragnar Relay and the Army Ten Miler. Such different races and so good for so many reasons.

The Ragnar Relay was done as a team. Farmer Ben joined me, as well as some other pretty awesome friends. We were tired… we didn’t sleep, we got soaked, we ran a ridiculous amount over the course of 24 hours and we had a great time. I am already planning next year’s race.

The Army Ten Miler was completely different. I was on my own… I did meet some pretty great people at the starting line and was super lucky that Liz ended up being the best spectator ever. I really challenged myself and it was nice to revisit my old stomping grounds.

Most Awkward Moment:

A wedding (the ex’s sister’s wedding)–It was just weird. But I survived.  And am super happy for Laura’s wedded bliss. The end.

New Things:

I tried my first spin class.

Attended a faith-based workshop/concert

Took a trip to NYC with the hubs

Farmer Ben turned 30!

Unexpected Challenges/Changes:

I lost 30 pounds.

I went vegan and then some for three weeks.

I lost two wonderful people in my life, one young, one old. Both too soon.

I took the time to remember what I was grateful for.

I took on the #elf4health challenge.

I worked with Farmer Ben.

Most Embarassing Moment:

I hurt myself opening a pickle jar

Actually…I’m sure there were more than that… but I’ll play dumb for now.


I ranted about restaurants.

Farmer Ben and I grew potatoes…and a bunch of other stuff.

I turned 25.

I tried to find a work-life balance…and sort of succeeded.

I joined Twitter.

So, 2012, it’s been fun. I’ve been incredibly blessed in the last 365 days. 2013 has a lot to live up to!

PS. I’ll be linking to old posts in this one if you want more details on various subjects. Happy New Year!