So Far…

This morning the following has happened:

  • I hit the snooze button 437 times.
  • I walked out the door without brushing my hair.
  • Applied my deodorant in the car.
  • Upon closing my car door, I quickly realized that my car┬ástill smells like┬áburnt coffee.
  • Got to work and realized that my desk is slowly disapearing underneath all of the little things I have to do.
  • Had more little things added to the piles on my desk.
  • Spilled coffee…mostly on myself and the floor. And some on my desk.
  • Discovered a new food blog and updated my “current web obsessions” page, after attending to some of said piles.
  • Used my excellent powers of investigation to uncover falsehoods. And truths.
  • Started planning something pretty cool.

So far, it’s been a pretty good day. No complaints.