Since When Is It Friday?!

Yeah, it’s been a long day. I may or may not be counting down to 9 pm.

But … keeping with the theme of motivation… here is another little tidbit for your viewing pleasure:


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And another…. I heard on the radio this afternoon that physical activity is proven to reduce the effects of depression by 50%…that’s as much as some prescription anti-depressants. Physical activity can be anything-gardening, dancing, cleaning, running, swimming, walking…it just has to be vigorous. Not that most of us didn’t already know this…I feel a whole heck of a lot better after working up a sweat…but good information. ¬†Food for thought.

Taken from Aasics


Also… I am on day two of the burpee challenge. Let’s do this!!!

What are some of your motivations? What are some of your hangups? Do you have any fitness goals for March?

Happy running!