Scenes from a Weekend Away (Better late than never…)

So, somewhere between marathon training and being crazy busy at work, I forgot to mention that Farmer Ben and I took a quick trip to Boston …a week and a half ago.

Back Story: The hubby went to a men’s conference with our church in October, and came home with some amazing news. He won tickets to see the Red Sox at Fenway!!!!

Now, I don’t talk much about sports on this little blog…but if you must know, I love all teams Boston. But I especially love the Red Sox. So you can imagine how excited I was to hear this news…free game tickets?! HECK YES!

We finally went to the game on June 30. Luckily, my dad’s side of the family are Boston Natives and we were able to crash with my Uncle Paul and family. Even better, he drove us in to the game and came to pick us up. Pretty awesome, right?

In case you’re interested, the Sox played Toronto and it was an awesome game, especially because they won at the very end. I love live baseball!

So, here are some photos from the game….




Gross but much needed close up!


Love this!




After the game we had to take a few more pictures….

I don't know if you can tell, but I am incredibly burnt.

I don’t know if you can tell, but I am incredibly burnt.


Then we wondered down Boylston Street to find some grub…

We ended up eating at a place called Sweet Cheeks BBQ. I’d say it was a win… but we both had so much food!


I love the condiments…and the mason jar glasses!


My meal–buttermilk chicken, mac and cheese and an amazing salad with arugula, farro and a light vinaigrette. I’d go back just for the salad.  I ended up getting most of this to-go.


Ben’s meal–brisket, coleslaw and baked beans. Equally good.

After dinner we wondered back up Boyslton Street to Copley Square and the Public Library, where my uncle picked us up. It was hot, but it felt so good to walk after sitting at the game and then devouring a huge meal.



The library


Another close-up…sorry!

The next day we took the T into the city to explore Quincy Market and the Freedom Trail.

We also wondered down by the Waterfront.


Good thing about short hair, picture taking is a lot easier on a windy day!



Quick lunch break at the Union Oyster House, I couldn’t resist getting the lobster roll. Ben got a bowl of soup and we ended up sharing this. Good choice!

Then it was onto the Freedom Trail.

I am a huge history nerd and I love Boston because so much has happened there… I love that they created the trail so you can see where so many critical events took place during the Revolution.  I didn’t take too many pictures because I was caught up in reading and taking everything in…but here are a few….


Fun fact: His father was the brewer.


Boston Massacre Victims


John Hancock

After we finished exploring in the city, we headed back to my uncle’s house so we could pack up and head home. Overall it was a great weekend away.

Have you taken  or are you planning any road trips this summer? What’s your favorite city to visit?

Happy Wednesday.

To Boston

I was all set to give you the low-down on all the ridiculous things going on in my life lately.

But then this Boston business happened and none of that seems to matter right now.

I haven’t been able to find the words to accurately describe how I feel… or how awful this event was.

But the running community is strong. And we’ll recover. God won’t give us anything that we can’t handle. That’s what I keep reminding myself.

We’ll keep running and keep pushing.


Army Ten Miler, 2012

So, as I lace up my running shoes, I’ll be thinking of all those Bostonians, those marathoners, and those supporters.

I’m praying for them. And I’m running for them.

As runners, we support each other. We push each other. We help each other out. That’s something that no one can take away. It’s something that won’t change.

 And that’s really all that needs to be said.