What Did I Eat?

I’ve been eating a lot of delicious food lately. Seriously.

I would call it major (over) indulgence on my part…but then I would feel guilty…

Anyway, I’ve been holding out on you… The hubby and I have done some cooking. Like this delicious macaroni and cheese, complete with jalapenos and caramelized onions.


Melted cheese gets me every time….

While I was in DC, I ate some seriously good food. Like the Pesto Burger from Silver Diner.

Silver Diner is a 50’s style diner, jukeboxes on every table and really great staff. Seriously, I don’t think I have ever been into one and had an unhappy server. One thing that I love is that in the last few years they have gone local. They also try to do organic/minimally processed foods, making everything super delicious.

My first night in DC, I knew we had to go. So we went. And I ordered this burger.  Pesto. Goat Cheese. Roasted Red Peppers. Grass-fed beef. I couldn’t resist.


Pesto Burger. Life is good.

I also had to have lunch at Potbelly… we don’t have any in Plattsburgh, so I HAD to go…and eat a lot of processed meat. Yum! If you’ve never been to one, please go. Now.

A Wreck on Wheat. Loaded.

There were a couple of other places that I revisited/had delicious meals at …but I didn’t get photos.

That’s one thing I really miss about living in DC, so many wonderful places to eat for whatever your mood.

But then I remember that I am married to a chef, who makes me things like Birthday Paella (complete with chicken, shrimp and cod) in a flash…


This is love.

And takes me out for an apple cider margarita at one of our favorite restaurants (and they use our favorite local cider)….


Magic in a glass. Local cider makes everything better!

And allows himself to be dragged apple picking on the last day of apple picking season…and then goes a little apple crazy, resulting in this….


A bushel of apples…Empires, Cameos and Macs, NBD.

But it’s fine because I know we’ll use them…

And lastly, he makes homemade ravioli. With local flour, squash, butter, cider, shallots…you get the picture.


Acorn Squash Ravioli, apple cider reduction and caramelized shallots…just a typical Sunday lunch.

I guess I don’t need to live in a big city to eat well. I just need to run…everywhere… and then run some more.

So yeah, that’s what’s been happening on the road/in the kitchen. Any recipe requests?

What’s going on in your kitchen? Or at your favorite restaurant?

Happy Friday!

GBN: Week 13 & The Army Ten-Miler!

I’m late. Please accept my apologies. Contrary to my initial thoughts, instead of slowing down a bit, my schedule is actually crazier than it was before! What’s the deal with that?

Anyway, I’m still battling with my body and trying to be healthy. Some days it works more than others. Last night, I was out cold by 9 pm, highly unusual.

The Army Ten Miler was this weekend. It was a crazy, ridiculous, truly amazing time! Although I ended up driving down alone and not having a race buddy, I still had a great time and am so glad that I did. Happy birthday to me. I ran 10 miles! 

Now onto your regularly scheduled blog post.

Week 13:

Monday Night-1.6 mile walk: Instead of a run, Ben and I opted to walk to a friend’s house. After a few fun-filled hours of making egg noodles (super easy to make, btw!), we headed home, again via foot. I really wanted to run, but I was feeling pretty weak. A night off was necessary.

Tuesday-8 miles: I already told you a little bit about my Tuesday run. Although I had a run-in with a Michigan, it was better than expected. I’d like to think that the run helped me get rid of some sickness, but who really knows? I finished the run at 1 hr and 23 minutes… not bad, considering I had to stop and assess the situation, then clean myself up.  I also have a giant bruise on my leg. No big deal.

So dorky…but safety first!

Wednesday-4.5 miles: This was supposed to be an easy run. I wanted to get out and enjoy the weather without pushing too hard. I ended up running a bit faster than I expected (it must have been that darn music!) but was glad I got out. My legs were feeling a bit tight, so it was nice to stretch them out a bit.

Perfect Evening Running Weather.

Saturday-3.2 miles: I spent Thursday running around like a mad woman and Friday was spent driving to DC in the rain. The pouring rain. But Saturday, I went out for a leisurely jog with my friend Liz in my old stomping grounds. Although it was odd to be running those paths again, it was a nice little jog down memory lane… and in real life.


I’m really bad at taking pictures like this.

Sunday-THE ARMY TEN MILER: Talk about a rush. Not only was there thousands of runners, but there were also thousands of spectactors. So many people, costumes, cow bells! I mentioned that I did this race in 2009… and I loved it just as much this time around. My stomach was doing flip flops all morning and I thought my heart was going to beat right out of my chest! But once I started running, I knew that it was going to be a great race.

Between mile 1 and 2, I tripped and almost fell on my face, but managed to catch myself. Thank God!

I had so much fun running this race, I talked to everyone around me, splashed more gatorade/water all over my face and shirt than in my mouth, was inspired by how many people came together for one race and just enjoyed the comraderie that goes with such a huge event.

I finished in 1:39:15. About what I expected. The first 7.5 miles flew by but the last 2.5 were a little rough. Slow inclines at the end of a race are no fun, but I finished. And I was feeling great!

Evidence of missing my mouth when trying to sip water? Or sweat? The world may never know?

Huge thanks to Liz for not only getting up at the crack of dawn, but coming with me to the start line, cheering me on and braving the giant mass of sweaty, smelly people to find me after the race! You rock!

Not gonna lie, my drive home on Sunday afternoon was a bit rough and I am still feeling pretty stiff…but it was well worth it.

Cheesing with all my free stuff!

I think it’s been a pretty good week as far as running goes. I got in a few quality runs without tiring my legs out and I had an amazing time at the ATM. Winning!

This weekend I am doing a 10k with Farmer Ben and then looking for a few more races before the season ends.

What are some of your favorite races? What keeps you motivated at the end?

Happy Running!