Questions Only

Can I just vent for a moment?

I just did that thing where you write something and then delete the whole thing. And then I did it again.

Deep breathe, here we go.

Without going into detail (honestly, the details don’t matter), I had a very frustrating conversation today that makes me wonder if certain summer plans are going to be worth the constant headache, which this conversation reminded me that I will, without a doubt, have.

I have to ask myself some questions.

  • How far am I willing to go to achieve certain goals I have for myself?
  • And will it be worth the constant frustration?
  • Is this a test?
  • Or is it a sign that I should turn around and run in the other direction
  • And how do I KNOW? 

Tell me, have you ever been in this kind of situation? What did you do? 

Is it Friday yet?

Noelle’s Notes to Self

I often make mental notes…sometimes I even write them down. Here is a look at what goes on inside my head-at least what was going on yesterday and today.

1. Check pants before putting them on, they may have a hole in them.

2. Wear black underwear if you have a hole in your black pants, it’ll help disguise this fact.

3. If you know you’re not going to get a chance to pee, don’t continue to chug water. (I failed at this.)

4.  I think it’s time to buy some new pants. And to figure out what the heck size I wear these days. I also need heels. And shirts.

5. Buy butter. There is never enough in our house. Especially after kitchen mishaps…

6. Make more peanut butter cookies. (I succeeded at this.)

7. Run run run run run run run!

8. Iced coffee would greatly improve my day.

9. It is definitely a big sunglasses and messy bun kind of day.

10. To post the latest awkward story? Or not to post?

11. Apparently butter and a hot oven don’t mix. Who knew? (okay, that wasn’t actually mine,  I won’t name names to avoid embarrassing this person.)

12. At this time last year, I was going crazy planning a wedding and working crazy hours. This year, I attended a wedding and am still working crazy hours. Life makes me smile.

13. I eat really odd things when left to my own devices. Like sardines.

14. Find tonic that isn’t full of high fructose corn syrup.

15. Until then, drink this instead. With something local. (Check.)

16. Finish the three two other blog posts I started.

17. Pick up items for giveaway.

18. Give Farmer Ben a big kiss. He is way too good to me.


20. I’m getting old. Falling asleep before 9 pm is ridiculous.

21. Mail Foodie Penpal Package. (Check.)

22. Where the heck is all my chapstick?

23.  I need more cheese in my life.

24. I love Leonardo DiCaprio… and pickles.

25. Holy Cow! This is my 71st blog post!

26. The Ragnar Relay is actually happening! AH!!!! See number 7. Repeat often.

27. Good luck tomorrow Liz! You are gonna rock it!!!!

The End.

Weekend Warrior

Wow…this weekend went by way too fast! As I sit here on Monday morning, I am reflecting over all of the randomness that occurred.

I mentioned looking for a part-time gig… Mission accomplished. I got a phone call Thursday night asking if I was interested in a hostessing position. I called them back on Friday and was told that I would be starting on Saturday-and btw, it was going to be very busy.

Okay, no big deal. The bar was bumpin’ as it was the annual Toys for Tots party, but the dining room wasn’t very busy, which meant that I wasn’t either. It felt weird to be working on a Saturday night, as I haven’t done so since the summertime…and since I have only ever worked at one restaurant…as a waitress, not as a hostess, I think it will take a few weeks to get back in the groove.

It made me nostalgic for the Rusty; running around like a crazy person, balancing martinis and a bottle of wine, pestering the kitchen to get my order out and taking a moment to look out the windows as the sun was setting over the lake and Valcour Island.

That’s the thing I both love and hate about starting somewhere new… finding the rhythm of the new place, picking up on the vibe of the building and its people and figuring out where I fit into all of it.  It was not a bad night. I came out unscathed and I am extremely grateful for the second job. My next shift is on Tuesday and I believe that I will have the rhythm of this place down…or at least I hope.

On a less uplifting note, I also attended a funeral this weekend. It was a very sad occasion, but the family chose to celebrate his life and it spread to the other attendees. The man whose life we were celebrating was one of the regulars at the Rusty. He was a very particular man but he was one of my favorites, I was sad to hear of his passing. Apparently many others were too, there was not an empty seat in the church. Occasions like this always make me reflect on my own life, my loved ones and what God’s purpose for me is.  I think about where I am and where I was…and wonder where I am going.

I have to laugh, because one of the hymns sung at the funeral was “In the Garden.” It’s one of my favorites but I will never be able to sing that song or take it seriously ever again because of my ex. He always used to change the words of the song (“And he walks with me/ and he talks with me…) to “Andy walks with me/Andy talks with me…” and so on and so forth.

Of course, during the service, while those around me were tearing up, I was trying not to crack a smile while I was singing. Please don’t judge me. I’m really not a bad person.

It’s funny how little things like that keep you moving forward. I used to get so annoyed when he would reference that song and his little lyric change-up. Stupid memories/quirky habits (whether your own, your ex boyfriend’s or an old friend’s) that you used to hate come back in different forms and actually help you when you’re dealing with a difficult time. I hope that this man’s family will be able to draw from their own funny memories as they continue on their journey. From what I gathered, there were many.

Sunday was our usual ritual of waking up late, rushing to get to church on time, devouring breakfast and coffee, Sunday School with the kids and then the service. Our service was about the Wise Men. It definitely got me thinking, once again, about purpose.

There are so many things that I love to do. But I still haven’t found the thing that I want-or am meant- to do forever. I am a big believer in no regrets, everything happening for a reason/being part of God’s plan and so far it hasn’t failed me…though, I do admit, I have had a few major bumps along the way…which I will always refer to as learning experiences. Hopefully, one day I’ll be able to collect the entire sum of knowledge gained and put it to use…til then, I hope others will learn-and be entertained-just as much as I have from them.

The rest of the day was spent with the hubs. We had some great sushi for lunch then braved the mall for a post meal calorie burning walk…this lasted about 20 minutes before I reached my limit of holiday mall madness and we headed home. The rest of the day was spent watching movies, writing thank-you notes and baking Amish Friendship Bread (Thanks Dana!). It was nice to relax after a pretty hectic week. I always enjoy Sundays because it’s our day to do whatever.

I also made a pretty quick and easy pasta dish on Friday night.

I call it…

Pasta Carbonara-ish

Serves 4


Your favorite pasta-I used the tri-color rotini.

Small bunch of Sage, finely chopped

2 garlic cloves-diced

4 tbsp. butter

1 to 1 1/2 cups milk/cream

Parmesan Cheese-to taste

cracked pepper to taste

salt to taste

1 egg.

Cook your pasta al dente, drain and set aside.

Using the same pot (on low-medium heat), add butter, chopped garlic and chopped sage. Melt butter, stirring occasionally.

Add milk. Stir.

Grate in parmesan cheese-I put in about 1/4 cup. Continue to stir until cheese starts to blend in.

Return pasta to pot. Stir until well incorporated.

Crack an egg in. Mix well. Continue to stir until egg is cooked in (this should only take a few minutes, you’ll be able to tell by the texture.

Add salt and pepper to taste.

Serve Hot, garnish with a couple of basil leaves and more Parmesan cheese..

So delicious!

Anyway, hope everyone has a good week! Stay tuned for an awesome gift idea and my scheming as of late!