More Notes to Self…

1. Daylight Savings Time is really messing with me…but I am determined to use it to my advantage.

2. Except this morning…. I got up at 5:30, saw that it was 20 degrees outside and then crawled back in bed… Fitness Fail.

3. Speaking of cold weather, it’s time to invest in some winter running gear.

4. Especially because I just printed out my Turkey Trot Registration Form!!!

5. I’m finding that I have so much to be thankful for… more than I can possibly say in these 30 days of November.

6. Is anyone else really intrigued by this?

7. So far my challenges for the month are going well.

I turned down going out to lunch and dinner three times this week and have been paying attention to what I eat.

I have gotten up and made myself breakfast and coffee… including a delicious scrambled egg over toast this morning.

Now if only I could get my butt up in the morning….

8. Romans 8:28

9. I am in the beginning stages of planning a race. It’s thrilling, scary, and a little stressful, but I am so excited to put it together. If you have any pointers, please fill me in!!!

10. I love my hubs.

11. Tomorrow I’m headed out for a belated birthday dinner and I cannot wait (hello, delicious margarita and fish tacos!).

12. Life is good.


This morning I failed to wake up early and go for a run. I also failed to make my usual green smoothie. And then I failed to make my morning tea. But I’m not complaining…

With my failure to wake up and go for a run came an extra hour of cuddling up with my husband, who I haven’t seen much of this week. With my failure to make a green smoothie came a delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs, potatoes and cheese-topped with chipotle Tabasco-cooked by the hubs. And with my failure to make my tea came my enjoying the heck out of a cup of coffee.

I also can’t complain because I did manage to bring a tomato-carrot-red pepper concoction for lunch…and I have a running date with Ben after work. Followed by fish tacos on homemade tortillas. I also managed to make it  to work on time. Life is good.

And did I mention I had coffee this morning?

It’s mornings like this that make me realize how blessed I am. To be honest, I’ve been very stressed lately due to circumstances that are out of my control and some goings-on with loved ones. And though this morning doesn’t magically fix everything, it does remind me that there are still a lot of blessings in my life-like that wonderfully supportive guy I tricked into marrying me-in addition to the difficulties. It also reminds me that although life is full of “oops!” moments and little hiccups, that’s what makes the great moments so much sweeter.

So, I hope that you had as excellent a morning as mine, little failures and all.