Confessions: Coffee Heartbreak

Today is not going well, friends.

I stepped out of my car this morning and immediately dumped my coffee all over the parking lot (and maybe the passenger side door of a co-worker’s car…oops). Needless to say, I was heartbroken. It was a full-to-the-brim, large coffee and there was a mere sip left after I scrambled to pick it up. I am almost ashamed to admit that I took that last sip– I had to!

I don’t know if I’ve told you about the coffee at my workplace…if I haven’t, I’ll fill you in: It’s awful. And, for whatever reason, there is only non-dairy creamer available (what is that anyway? Corn starch?! I don’t even know…) unless I remember to bring my own half and half…and when I do, I have to hide it in the community fridge because it tends to disappear.

This morning, I got out of the house early enough where I had time to go through town and treat myself…so I stopped at Stewart’s.

If you are unfamiliar with Stewart’s, it’s an upstate NY/Vermont chain…a gas station/mini-mart deal. They have good, no-fuss coffee, on the cheap.

So, you can imagine my disappointment, when, upon opening my car door, I immediately dumped my entire coffee all over the ground…granted, it was only a dollar or two, but still! It’s the principle of the matter.

And there I was, a coffee river at my feet and unable to process what had just occurred. So after entering the building, I went to the community coffee pot and filled up.

Heartbroken in Upstate NY,


PS. Luckily, I had some half and half stashed in the fridge…still not good.

Coffee Talk: Have you ever had a coffee heartbreak? Workplace coffee, good or downright awful?!

GBN: Week 15

Have I really been doing this for 15 weeks? How crazy is that? Crazy, but so good.

I know I ran before, but now I have that extra push to be committed… I’m held more accountable… it’s slightly embarrassing, but I look forward to doing this post every week, even though it means showing off some really bad photos.

I like being able to say, “yeah, I run. I sweat. And I am a whole heck of a lot stronger because of it.”

So, I keep going. And having people tell me that this, in turn, keeps them going…well, that’s just an amazing feeling!

Anyway, here we go:

Thursday-3 miles (+/-) on an indoor track. I say plus or minus because I lost track on the last few laps, so I am estimating based on my time.

We went to the city rec center to check out their track, it’s kind of cool because it’s above the basketball court, so you can watch people shooting hoops while you run. It was nice to not have to bundle/layer up but I forgot how much I don’t like running inside…first, 11 laps is equal to a mile. Can you see why I lost count doing 3 miles?

Anyway, overall it wasn’t a bad run…I forgot a hair tie and it was hot… but I can’t complain…at least I got a run in!

33 laps later…I think…

Friday, Saturday and Sunday consisted of a double shift, helping out a friend, running errands and more work…I didn’t manage my time very well, so no run. I did do a little bit of walking with the hubby, so not a total fail.

Monday Afternoon-2 mile walk. Holy beautiful day! It was 60 degrees and the sun was shining. I had to take advantage of soaking up some November sunshine, so I scarfed my lunch at my desk and then drove into town for a quick walk. Two miles in thirty minutes, I went back to work feeling like a million bucks.

Perfect Timing, Wind.

Monday Night-3 mile night run. The hubby and I headed to one of our usual spots to run after work because it’s pretty well lit. Overall it was a pretty good run, we averaged 9:40 pace.

Such a gorgeous night!

I especially loved this run because we saw a big group of people running around the oval, working together and cheering each other on. You know that I love seeing stuff like this!  I was waving and smiling like a crazy person as we passed them.

Wednesday Morning-misadventure. I woke up late and then wound up running around trying to get a horse back to its house…long story, you can read about it here.

Well… at least I tried.

Wednesday Evening-Treadmill Workout. I headed to the gym to try a spin class, only to find that it had been moved to Thursdays. Because I was already there, I decided to jump on the treadmill for a bit.

My workout was 4.1 miles, 39 minutes total. I did half mile at 9:30 pace, half mile at 8:35 pace; half mile at 9:30, half mile at 8:25; half mile at 9:35, half mile at 8:13; half mile at 9:50 pace, half mile at 7:50 pace. (These are averages, based on playing with the speed/incline).

Sweaty Betty!

This was really hard. It was one of those workouts where you end up completely soaked, gasping for air and feeling every muscle burn. I had to take a moment between the third and fourth mile and even then, I talked myself through it. When I got off the treadmill, I was beat. This morning, I am pretty sore…but it felt good.

Total Mileage: 12 miles.

Overall: This week wasn’t bad. I didn’t get in as much mileage as I would have liked but I did get in some quality workouts. I’m hoping I can get in that spin class tonight, but if I don’t, I’m thinking an easy run to work out some lactic acid.

Goals for next week: I’d like to get in some distance and maybe some cross-training.

A Horse of Course!

Sometimes, weird things happen to me. I can’t explain it, but they just…happen.

If you remember a few posts back, I had a little run-in with some flying food while on a run.

This morning’s attempt proved to be just as interesting.

I woke up at 4:45 am and immediately groaned, realizing that my alarm was set to go off in fifty-five minutes. I managed to go back to sleep until the familiar ringing began. Then, I thought I hit the snooze, but I didn’t. So I woke up with a start at 6:07 am.

“Oh NO!!! Why did I over-sleep?!” I thought.

I had missed my chance to get in the four and a half mile run I had planned on… but there was still time to run to the end of my road and back (a little over three miles).

I had this nagging feeling that I should go…

I then proceeded to get up, start to get dressed and then get back in bed…three times. Each time, that nagging feeling got worse and worse until I couldn’t take it any longer. It was as if someone was shouting at me, “GET UP!!!”

So I did. I layered up, grabbed my hat and found some good tunes.

I begrudgingly started down the driveway and turned onto the road.

Just as I was finding my stride, not even three minutes into my run, I noticed something out of the corner of my eye.

Standing in a field in front of me, was a horse.

Now, I realize that this doesn’t seem that strange due to the fact that I live a bit off the beaten path, however, there was no fence around this field, nor are there any barns on this particular patch of road.

“Well, this is interesting,” I thought.

Having grown up on a horse farm, I know the panic that strikes when you realize that your horse has gotten out.

As I stood there deciding what to do next, the horse ran across the road.

I quickly went over, grabbed his halter and led him back across the road to the big field he came from. He then trotted over to the house at the edge of the field, proceeded to scare their little dog and starting poking around their porch windows.

“Oh crap.”

I knocked on the door….nothing. I knocked again… still nothing.

“Well NOW WHAT?!”

So I shooed the horse away from the house and tried to think.

I called Farmer Ben, who was very confused about the current predicament I was in, but nevertheless, he told me he was getting dressed and would be along shortly.

At that moment, standing in the middle of the field with my new friend, I finally saw where the horse had come from. There was a fence and a barn at the opposite end of the field.

I started to lead the horse in that direction. He got bored and trotted the other way, having only a halter to hold onto, I let him.

Upon reaching the fence, I looked around to see where he had gotten out but didn’t see any breaks.

My friend ran into another person’s backyard and started sniffing around the clothesline.


So I jogged up to the front door and knocked. Twice.

Nothing. Except their dog barking.

At that point, Ben pulled up in the Versa and the horse had trotted over to his fence.

Hopping in the car, I glanced back to see if he had gotten back in. He hadn’t.

I called a neighbor to see if he had the owner’s phone number. Fortunately he answered, unfortunately he didn’t have the number.

So we drove around the corner til we found what we thought was the right driveway. We walked up a small hill to discover that the driveway was in fact, on the other side of the house… oops.

I found the main door to the house and knocked. Nothing. I tried a few more times to no avail.

There was another fence connected to this one so I walked to the next driveway and happened to meet a woman coming out of her house.

When I asked if she had a horse, she looked at me like I had ten heads… after explaining the situation and pointing toward the fence/house, she informed me that it was her mother-in-law’s horse and would call her husband to go get him.


As Ben and I walked back to the car, we saw a garage door open and the horse’s owner stepped out.

“Can I help you?” she asked. Looking back, we probably looked pretty strange, walking around her yard before 7 am.

I then explained the whole thing.

“Oh…. how did he get out? ” she asked… then, after a few more questions, “Thank you for letting me know. Thank you.”

I then realized that it was late and I was going to have to rush to get to work on time so we said goodbye and good luck and headed home.

I made it work in the nick of time.

So, in short, I didn’t get my run in…but I did my good deed for the day. I’d like to think I was supposed to wake up late and miss my window for the slightly longer run…just so I’d be in the right place at the right time…

Regardless, I know that I won’t be questioning those weird feelings telling me to get out the door and run…I’m gonna go!


To think, I also would have missed this gorgeous sunrise if I hadn’t gotten up!

A Glorious Friday…

How is my day going?

I’ve already successfully NOT gotten up early to go for a run…when it’s absolutely gorgeous outside, spilled coffee on myself….and this came out of our copy machine:

Not sure what this is...but it looks important!

At least I’ve learned to laugh at myself… Hope you all are having a better day than me! Thank God for the weekend! 🙂

Back Pocket-1: Noelle-0

So, I’m finally telling you about Philadelphia! I had a great time. It was a much needed break from work and my somewhat boredom with November in the North Country. I was craving drama and.. activity-excitement-but I think I got a little more than I had anticipated.

I drove down to Troy on a Thursday night and stayed with my favorite sisters, Daniela and Angela. We spent the evening catching up and made a late night shopping trip-just like college. The next day we were up bright and early so I could catch my bus to NYC. Now, normally, I have horrible luck with buses. They either show up late or get stuck somewhere, so I scheduled my buses an hour and a half apart… just in case… my bus was set to arrive in the city at 10:45 am. I stepped off the bus at 10:00.

Did I forget to mention that I was toting my giant red backpack? It is kind of my signature travel bag… mostly because I never plan ahead when I pack… and is a giant backpack… not knowing what the weekend would bring, I overpacked. Having two and half hours to kill before my next bus, I was now rethinking this decision. I ventured into a Starbucks thinking I could find a corner and camp out with a coffee. It was packed. I had not been in such a busy Starbucks  since living in DC so I was preparing myself for an awful experience. Let me tell you, it was the best Starbucks experience I have ever had. I was so happy when I walked out that I nearly forgot I still had to entertain myself for two hours and twenty two minutes.

I decided to walk. I am newly obsessed with mapmyrun (it’s an app that allows you to track and map out your workouts) so I decided to walk. I turned the app on and just wandered around… I ended up walking about 6.5 miles… all while carrying my backpack, a giant purse and wearing my winter coat. Did I mention that I was regretting this decision? Let’s just say that was a much warmer weekend than I had anticipated.

I was getting ready to call my friend Christina when I nearly walked into her, talk about luck! Then we waited for our bus… We were due to arrive in Philly at 2:45, by the time we finally got off the train by Steph’s house, it was nearly 5:00.

It was a great weekend, I loved catching up with my college friends (Hey Steph, Pato and Tina!) and just relaxing. Saturday morning was brunch, complete with an amazing Bloody Mary. On Saturday night we went to Max Brenner’s for dinner, complete with some chocolate concoction of a drink. It was awesome and I ended up picking up some chocolatey goodness to bring home to the hubby. Then we went to get our dance on.

Did we ever! I am not typically the girl who starts the party, but when in the mood to dance, I definitely bring it.  Basically, I’m Beyonce underneath it all. No big deal. Well, yeah… kind of a big deal.  It can be a little intimidating (or scary…I don’t mind making a fool of myself!).

As the night wore on, my dancing got more and more crazy and the establishment we were in got more and more packed. It was hot and stuffy. I had the beginnings of a cold and I started to feel a bit lightheaded so I headed to the bathroom for a break from the noise and the people.

You will probably judge me for the next part of this story. I honestly didn’t think it happened to anyone in real life except for drunken idiots, but now I realize this is not the case.

Nature called while I was in the bathroom, so I answered. As I pulled my pants back up, something didn’t feel right… “Was that a splash I heard?”

I brushed my hand across my back pocket and it felt smooth…“Wait …where is my phone?!” 

I quickly turned around and glanced down. There, nestled in the bowl was my brand new cell phone. The expensive smartphone that I had gotten less than two weeks before.

“NOOOOOO!!!!!” I screamed. I scrambled to scoop it up, quickly unlocked the stall door and  ran to the sink where I disassembled my phone and was trying to dry it. I had a feeling that it was too late. I was not happy.

I put the random pieces of my phone, the battery and the cover in random pockets and headed out of the bathroom, pushing my way through the mass of people and headed back to my friends. I told them what happened and they did what any good friend would do; they laughed. A lot.

It wasn’t until a few hours later that we got back to Steph’s house. At this point, my cold had taken full force, and I was coughing and sniffling, my voice was gone, my feet were killing me and it was cold out. I had reached my “I’ve been up way to late and I am not happy about it” point.  We put my phone in rice and went to bed, I had a long day ahead of me so I was praying that my phone would be working. Rice would work, right?

It didn’t. It was too late for my poor little smartphone. In the morning I had to figure out how to get phone numbers of the friends in Troy who would pick me up and take me to my car. Thank God for me memorizing mutual friends’ phone numbers. And for Facebook. And Steph and Christina. It could have been a lot crappier of a situation.

I called Ben and told him not to worry about me, I had dropped my phone and broken it. Then we got ready to leave and headed to the bus station. As I was exiting the bus, the strap on my purse broke and it spilled all over the floor. I managed to scoop it up pretty quickly, but not before getting some evil looks from the eager college kids who I was holding up.

Once I got off the bus, I called the hubs again from Christina’s phone and let him know about what time I’d be home. He asked what happened to my phone. I said “it got wet.” In response my wonderful and loving husband burst out laughing. Then he asked “so, what kind of water did you drop it in?” 

I told him I would tell him when he got home, to which he replied “Was it the toilet?!” followed by more laughter.  I cracked a smile then told him he was a jerk and that I would see him at home. He hung up, still laughing at me.

The trip back to Albany was pretty uneventful and I managed to get back to my car without any major issues. I drove home, blasting angry girl music and singing along.

By the time I got a few exits away from my house, I was exhausted. My head was pounding, my throat was scratchy and my nose running. My whole body hurt, especially my feet, from my performance the night before. It had been a good weekend, but man, it really wiped me out! Apparently I am getting too old for this stuff.

Now, I don’t know if you’ve ever driven on the Northway before, but the last few exits are killer, it feels like they are hours apart. It’s a little maddening.

I finally pulled in my driveway, grabbed my broken purse (which held my broken phone), my giant backpack and my new boots (forgot to mention those, sorry!) and hobbled up the stairs to my apartment…but not before noticing that my shampoo had leaked onto my car seat and all over my backpack (UGH!).

I walked in, dropped everything in a heap in the middle of the floor and looked up to see Ben trying really hard not to laugh at my pathetic appearance.  We stared at each other for a minute, then he just smiled at me, walked over and scooped me up in a big hug.

He had made his famous chicken noodle soup and while I ate a giant bowl, he tasked himself with emptying out my backpack and rinsing everything that was covered in shampoo goo. Then we put my phone in rice one more time and I gave him the full details of the weekend.

Overall it was a perfect end to a pretty stellar weekend. It was nice to get away, but it’s always nice to come home to chicken noodle soup, a great big hug and a husband who is trying really hard not to laugh at your mishaps. I’d say I am a pretty lucky lady.

A Magical Drive…

So…this is my first post… not that I am nervous or anything, I just haven’t blogged in quite some time…..not since Myspace…and I deleted my Myspace a long time ago.

I’ve decided to call this a lifestyle blog-which means that I can blog about whatever I want (I’ll admit, it will usually involve cooking, wine, exercise, my super handsome hubby, and random things that happen to me)-but I’ve struggled with what my first post should be about, I mean, as the first post, it really sets the tone for …everything. So, instead of introducing myself and going on about my interests, I am going to tell you a true story-that hopefully gives you an idea of who I am…

Picture it. August 20, 2011. A winery. An absolutely gorgeous day, after a summer of flooding, humidity and endless rain. It was sunny, warm and the vineyard was in full bloom. A happy couple exchanging vows and beginning their lives together, posing for the photographer. A relative who drank too much (sorry, Chris). That was my wedding day…but that’s not what this story is about.

Now… fast forward a month or two. Photos of this wonderful day have been posted on facebookdotcom. But the actual photo CD has not yet been received. If you are a bride, you know how frustrating this is. I emailed our awesome photographer (Shout-out to Jona!) and found out that she had mailed the disc weeks before. No big deal, she would resend. I mean, she only lives two hours away, so ideally I’d get the copy in a day or two.

A week later the photos were at the back of my mind, as I was still in recovery mode from a nasty cold and a bit of a rough trip to Philly (you’ll read about that, too). I got home from work-it was a Monday night- and headed to the mail box. My heart skipped a beat when I saw the envelope with Jona’s address on it! YES! The photos were finally here! I hurried inside, dropped everything I was carrying in a heap on my dining room floor and ripped the envelope open. I pulled out a note from Jona and…nothing else.

WHAT?! There was nothing in the envelope?! What sort of cruel joke was this? I looked down and noticed a small tear in the corner of the envelope.

“No…. that doesn’t actually happen,” I thought, but my mind was already racing, jumping to conclusions and envisioning some punk kid with a mohawk tearing into the envelope to get out the thumb drive. What a bum!

I went over to the heap on the floor and proceeded to examine it carefully-just in case I had dropped it in the rush-but there was nothing. I even went back outside and retraced my steps to the mailbox, just to double check. Still nothing.

“Ugh! Why does this stuff always happen to meeeeee?!” I thought, because clearly, nothing worse can happen than having to wait for a thumb drive or a CD. Feeling quite discouraged, I emailed Jona and felt a bit better knowing that she was as shocked and frustrated as I was. We planned to make an exchange that weekend (Ben and I would be in her neck of the woods)…unfortunately, Ben and I had a change of plans so Jona mailed us another copy of the photos, third time is the charm, right? And it would only take a day or two, right? I gave Jona my work address, just to be sure.

That was a week ago. Still no photos. I’ve been checking my mailbox and the work mailbox like a mad woman-hoping against hope that today will be the day!

And for once, it was…but not in the way that I expected.

I was sitting at my desk typing away when my phone went off (apparently “silent” means buzzing loudly and moving around on my desk). I scrambled to hit the ignore button, but not before noticing that Mary, from the Amazing Grace Winery was calling me (She’s the best!).

“That’s weird,” I thought, but I knew she’d leave a message so I waited. I then called myself, itching to find out what was up.

Basically, she had received a small package and a note from the post office. It was a thumb drive. The note said that the contents of the package had been separated from the original envelope and that they had looked at the contents of the thumb drive to try and determine where to send it. Luckily, there were lots of photos of the winery, their logo, and their front lawn sign. Mary remembered me telling her that I was waiting for photos and was rushing home to double check that they were indeed mine.

Yeah, I almost fell out of my chair. All I can say is that God has a great sense of humor. I will be calling Mary immediately (as soon as a I get out of work, shh!) and hopefully going to pick up that thumb drive! Keep your fingers crossed that she wasn’t playing a joke on me!

So, in closing, My name is Noelle, and this is my life. Hopefully, you’ll tag along.

Wanna take a drive with me?