2014 Running Recap

Since I spilled my guts about my 2014 great racing plans gone awry last week, I figured that I should give you all a proper recap. Looking back, I kind of failed at posting race recaps this year.

Anyway, I did nine races this year…with the schedule I had, I am pretty proud of that! True, I didn’t have any crazy PRs or end up doing a full marathon, but it wasn’t too bad of a year after all.

Races of 2014 Past:

Race 1: Run to Chocolate. This was only a two mile race, but Farmer Ben and I had so much fun!
Time: 18:44

Race 2: Frostbite 5k. The day after Run to Chocolate… It was cold. REALLY cold. But we ran fast, had fun and our friends’ son ran his first 5k that day! Time: 29:01

Race 3: Doc Lopez Run for Hope (5k). I was supposed to do the half but after taking a spill at work and messing my knee up, I decided to drop down to the 5k. It turned out to be a pretty fun race and had amazing post-race food! I took second in my age group.
Time: 28:28

Race 4: Plattsburgh Half Marathon. This was my first (official) half marathon. My friend Kristy ran with me the whole race (even though she is faster than me), and I am so glad she was there! We were decked out in pink tutus and got a lot of encouragement along the way because of this wardrobe choice. My training for this was…okay. I did a few long runs. Regardless, it was great to spend a couple hours hanging out with Kristy, running all over Plattsburgh. The hardest part was running on the neighborhood streets behind the college, I don’t know why but that part of the course really messed with my head. Either way, it was a good race. Time: 2:28:30


Race 5: Families Helping Families 5k. This was really well put together and had an interesting and flat course. I ran the fastest 5k I’ve done in a couple of years and ended up running into an old friend. Another plus? The proceeds went to a local charity.
Time: 27:34


I stopped my watch late...

Race 6: Biggest Loser Half Marathon. Not gonna lie, this sucked. I wasn’t sure I was going to do this race but I ended up signing up at the expo the day before. The race took place shortly after the restaurant opened and I really hadn’t done any running (other than 4 or 5 miles here or there) in at least a month. We worked really late the night before and I woke up knowing that this was going to be tough. Kristy started out with me (we rocked our pink tutus again) but I immediately started feeling some stomach discomfort and told her to go on without me a few miles in. From mile five to six, I seriously considered not finishing but I refused on the grounds that I had paid to race. I ended up walking a lot and finished about 15 minutes slower than the half I had done a month before. As for the race itself, it was a let down in that I expected more people to be out watching/cheering, especially down town. Also, there were so many runners in the 5k but hardly any running the half.
The plus side is that I had a lot of people cheering me along the course and the volunteers were great!
Time: 2:45:49


Race 7: Dirty Girl Mud Run in DC/MD. My friend Liz scored a Groupon deal on this race and I ended up road-tripping with our friend Kayla down to DC. This was my first obstacle run and first time running a women-only race. We had a good time.
It was rainy and cold…and muddy… I think the best part was being able to hang out with Liz and Kayla for the weekend, eating delicious food and drinking too much wine. The only negative aspect was the parking was super disorganized and the wait for the showers/changing area was outrageous.  Luckily, we aren’t that modest and ended up changing in the parking lot.
Time: I have no idea!

Race 8: Adirondack Ragnar Relay. Shortly after the mud run, I decided to drop down to the half marathon for Wineglass and Ben and I got an invitation to join our friend’s Ragnar team. Of course we said yes.

I chose the shortest leg but also ended up running a few extra miles for one of our teammates. Ben chose one of the longer legs and hit a distance PR. I was so so so proud of him! Unfortunately, he ended up hurting his knee.
Ragnar also showed me that I was not in that great of shape and confirmed that my decision to do the Half instead of the Full was the right one.
Time: various.


Race 9: Wine Glass Half Marathon. I was excited to run this as it takes place where I grew up…but also pretty nervous…Part of this was my total lack of training in the months of September and most of August, and part was that I put a lot of unnecessary pressure on myself with racing and this was no exception. I was thrilled that Farmer Ben was (unexpectedly) able to join me on the trip down to my sister’s (where we stayed) and we got to spend some time with the family, toodling around my old stomping grounds. We hit up the race expo to pick up my bib and swag bag (champagne for the win!) and then spent the rest of the day with the family.

On Sunday, we woke up at an ungodly hour and my sister and Ben drove me to meet the shuttle to the starting line. There was some confusion with this and I breathed a sigh of relief because if I had shown up any later, I would have been one of the poor people who missed the last shuttle and weren’t able to race. This was the first time I had taken a bus to the starting line, luckily, I met some pretty cool people waiting. As my bus was one of the last ones to arrive the starting area, I had to sprint to the bag check and the porta-potties and barely made it to the start line before the gun went off. There were a lot of people!

Since I had already decided that I wasn’t going to race this, I just had fun, talking to the people around me and enjoying the autumn scenery. The weather was perfect.

I hung out with a couple of the pace groups, but ended up leaving them so I could be alone with my thoughts. I randomly ran right by my sister, Meghan, and Farmer Ben (unbeknownst to me, they would end up buying a new battery for my car because mine died…Thanks!) just before the 8 mile mark. This made me so happy, I can’t even tell you! Running down Market Street, toward the finish line, I passed my dad and was called a Bad Ass by another runner (she found out I had run it the weekend before).

The finish area was super organized and there was delicious soup, pizza, bagels and other goodies. I ended up eating half of the items and sharing the rest with Ben and my dad.


I ended up running the race in 2hrs and 31 minutes… not my fastest time for 13.1, but I was definitely happy with it, considering my training.

To be honest, I got a little emotional, especially watching the first marathon runners cross the finish line (it turns out, I actually ran Cross Country with the winner!)…people of all abilities, running to complete the elusive 26.2 mile race… and I wasn’t even one of them this year! Then Ben told me that he was really proud of me and I almost cried.

I definitely enjoyed this race the most, from the hand-blown glass medal, to the volunteers and the finish on Market Street, it was really well organized and everyone was SO nice. My family being there definitely helped.
Time: 2:31 (I think)


In short, It was not the year I had planned, but it still pretty fantastic!

Your turn: Favorite race? Greatest achievement in 2014? 

GBN: Week 13 & The Army Ten-Miler!

I’m late. Please accept my apologies. Contrary to my initial thoughts, instead of slowing down a bit, my schedule is actually crazier than it was before! What’s the deal with that?

Anyway, I’m still battling with my body and trying to be healthy. Some days it works more than others. Last night, I was out cold by 9 pm, highly unusual.

The Army Ten Miler was this weekend. It was a crazy, ridiculous, truly amazing time! Although I ended up driving down alone and not having a race buddy, I still had a great time and am so glad that I did. Happy birthday to me. I ran 10 miles! 

Now onto your regularly scheduled blog post.

Week 13:

Monday Night-1.6 mile walk: Instead of a run, Ben and I opted to walk to a friend’s house. After a few fun-filled hours of making egg noodles (super easy to make, btw!), we headed home, again via foot. I really wanted to run, but I was feeling pretty weak. A night off was necessary.

Tuesday-8 miles: I already told you a little bit about my Tuesday run. Although I had a run-in with a Michigan, it was better than expected. I’d like to think that the run helped me get rid of some sickness, but who really knows? I finished the run at 1 hr and 23 minutes… not bad, considering I had to stop and assess the situation, then clean myself up.  I also have a giant bruise on my leg. No big deal.

So dorky…but safety first!

Wednesday-4.5 miles: This was supposed to be an easy run. I wanted to get out and enjoy the weather without pushing too hard. I ended up running a bit faster than I expected (it must have been that darn music!) but was glad I got out. My legs were feeling a bit tight, so it was nice to stretch them out a bit.

Perfect Evening Running Weather.

Saturday-3.2 miles: I spent Thursday running around like a mad woman and Friday was spent driving to DC in the rain. The pouring rain. But Saturday, I went out for a leisurely jog with my friend Liz in my old stomping grounds. Although it was odd to be running those paths again, it was a nice little jog down memory lane… and in real life.


I’m really bad at taking pictures like this.

Sunday-THE ARMY TEN MILER: Talk about a rush. Not only was there thousands of runners, but there were also thousands of spectactors. So many people, costumes, cow bells! I mentioned that I did this race in 2009… and I loved it just as much this time around. My stomach was doing flip flops all morning and I thought my heart was going to beat right out of my chest! But once I started running, I knew that it was going to be a great race.

Between mile 1 and 2, I tripped and almost fell on my face, but managed to catch myself. Thank God!

I had so much fun running this race, I talked to everyone around me, splashed more gatorade/water all over my face and shirt than in my mouth, was inspired by how many people came together for one race and just enjoyed the comraderie that goes with such a huge event.

I finished in 1:39:15. About what I expected. The first 7.5 miles flew by but the last 2.5 were a little rough. Slow inclines at the end of a race are no fun, but I finished. And I was feeling great!

Evidence of missing my mouth when trying to sip water? Or sweat? The world may never know?

Huge thanks to Liz for not only getting up at the crack of dawn, but coming with me to the start line, cheering me on and braving the giant mass of sweaty, smelly people to find me after the race! You rock!

Not gonna lie, my drive home on Sunday afternoon was a bit rough and I am still feeling pretty stiff…but it was well worth it.

Cheesing with all my free stuff!

I think it’s been a pretty good week as far as running goes. I got in a few quality runs without tiring my legs out and I had an amazing time at the ATM. Winning!

This weekend I am doing a 10k with Farmer Ben and then looking for a few more races before the season ends.

What are some of your favorite races? What keeps you motivated at the end?

Happy Running!