Freaky Week…I mean, Friday.

First things first, Congrats to Liz on winning the Cheechako gift card–I’ll be mailing it your way! Prepare for delicious tacos!

Now, for Friday’s Realizations and Confessions.

This week completely kicked my butt.

I’ve said this before. I am incredibly awkward.  I have a habit of doing and saying things at completely inappropriate times.

I stuck my foot in my mouth yesterday. I’ll spare the juicy details but it was one of those moments when you wish life had a rewind button. At the time I didn’t know I stuck my foot in my mouth, but it became extremely obvious about 30 seconds later.

On a completely unrelated note, when working at the restaurant, I always get the couple who fights. Without fail. The same couple. Do you have any idea how hard it is to bring out a salad when someone is crying into their wine? And then a dinner?! If you are that unhappy, I would seriously reconsider your relationship.

My husband is the cat’s pajamas. Yesterday, he made apricot scallion couscous and cod Provencal for lunch. Not only tasty but seriously good for you!  He also made iced coffee…AND I came home to homemade (and organic!) sangria.

I am not a morning person. I can fake it all I want, but when it comes down to it, I’ll take staying up late for getting up early any day. No contest.

I work with some pretty great people at both of my jobs. For this, I’m blessed.

I wore a really cute dress today because I desperately need to do laundry…I also rolled out of bed after a failed attempt at a morning run. I’ve never gotten so many compliments on my outfit.

I have a social event coming up that I am freaking out about. Thankfully, Farmer Ben will be by my side.

Blueberry yogurt is NOT the same as plain yogurt with blueberries in it. Blueberry Flavored yogurt is gross. Plain yogurt. That’s what’s up.

And now, I will leave you with a picture of yesterday’s lunch. You’re welcome. Happy weekend!

Lunchtime at the E. Residence.

Wednesday’s Realizations

Although it is only Wednesday, I have come to a number of realizations this week. Super important stuff, let me tell you.

1. Don’t wear a sweater to the second job on Trivia Night.  It gets way too hot.

2. Don’t drink coffee while wearing a white scarf.

3. I really need to stop forgetting my hat and gloves.

4. Breakfast makes life so much better.

5. So does homemade bread.

6. Annie’s Mac and Cheese is delicious when substituting Greek Yogurt for milk. New obsession? Probably.

7. I really want to make this Cheeseburger Salad.

8. And these Roasted and Shredded Beef Sandwiches.

9. I must consume this soup sometime soon (veggies and beans). For reals.

10. And these tacos (black beans and sweet potatoes), oh my sweet lord.

11. I think I am addicted to food blogs. Or just food. Maybe both. Help?

12. No matter where my media naranja is in the world, she totally gets me. ChocPBPretzels. Ugh!

13. My husband is at home baking bread right now. I am the luckiest woman on the planet.

Rocking out to Journey is an essential part of the process.

14. As much as I am not a morning person, I love seeing the sunrise everyday on my way to work.

15. Lunges really kick my butt (ha).

That’s all for now!

Until next time….

Does Marriage Make You Fat?!

Ah…being young and in love, finding that one person who doesn’t want to change you. Getting comfortable with them. It’s such a wonderful feeling. It’s even more wonderful when you marry a chef… and have a husband who constantly tells you how beautiful you are… but then… a funny thing happens.

One day, you put on your favorite jeans and are shocked to find out that they are a bit tighter than they used to be. Or when you try on your little black dress and notice that it’s a bit snug in areas that you didn’t notice before. And then you put on your favorite sweater that hugs in all the right places…only to find that it is now hugging the wrong places, too.

Welcome to the moment where you start to ask, “what the heck happened?”

I had to laugh a couple of weeks ago when Ben made me get up to go for a walk on a chilly Saturday morning. He pulled the blankets off and said, “Come on, get up! We are going to do something… I’m getting FAT!” 

He then gave his stomach a few good slaps to demonstrate….

I hate to admit it, but I have also gained some weight since getting married. Granted, it’s not an impossible amount of weight, but it’s more than I’d like. Fifteen pounds. Typing that was painful. I think it’s even more painful because I had lost 10 pounds before the wedding.

Again, it’s not a huge amount, but it’s …a lot. I know that there are a number of reasons.

1. My activity level has gone down. I am typically an active person. The months before the wedding, I was not only working my regular job, I was also working as a waitress 4-6 nights a week and in the process of moving. This may not seem like a lot but there were many nights where I literally ran my butt off. I have sweat less during a hardcore workout in 90 degree weather.

On top of the two jobs, I was also running an average of 3 miles a day… in addition to going for walks when I had a free moment.

After the wedding… I hit a wall. I decided that sleep was more important than that morning run and soon, I didn’t even bother setting my alarm any earlier than absolutely necessary. I also started working less. The restaurant is seasonal so as the season wound down, I didn’t need to be there every day. Once it closed, I was only working a desk job until a couple of weeks ago.

2. I indulged too much. I have mentioned before, I try to eat clean and I try to eat healthy, but too much of a good thing can turn into a bad thing. I am kicking myself for all of those times when I thought “this is so good… I’ll just have one more piece/bite/scoop.” Clearly, they added up. Not that I am making excuses, but I know that this partially stems from the fact that I absolutely hate wasting food. Growing up, money was tight, so you ate what you were given. It has been permanently ingrained to clean my plate. Luckily, they have this wonderful invention called Tupperware/tin foil/saran wrap that I have (slowly) gotten better about using. Let’s hope I keep remembering this.

3. The Holidays. See Reason Two. I know, blaming the holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas!) is cliche. But seriously, I am around good food all of the time. It’s even worse during the holidays. For some reason, I thought it was okay to pig out…because it’s cold out, because I subconsciously think that I will never eat those delicious Thanksgiving/Christmas treats ever again and because I have to try everything I bake… a few times. I paid dearly for this, too. I don’t think I will be able to eat any cookies for a long time.

Luckily New Year’s Eve was a pretty good day for me food-wise and I avoided stuffing myself. I’ve been back to my food journaling ways (reminder: find me on my fitness pal! nre820) for a week or two now and am holding myself accountable for everything, including real portion sizes and water intake.

4. Winter. I started running again-and loving it!- in October but once daylight savings hit and the days got incredibly short, I basically gave up. I don’t mind running in the cold and I don’t mind running in the dark but I HATE running in a combination of the two. Being a bit low on funds at the moment, a gym membership is not in my budget, so I need to get creative.  It’s something I am working on, and it’s going to take time.

5. I stopped paying attention. This whole being newly married thing can be a bit distracting. I’ve focused on having fun and enjoying the time with my spouse, even if it is just lounging around in sweat pants all day. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but there has got to be a little bit of focus in there.  I’ve been so happy with Ben during our time together, I hadn’t noticed either one of us had gained weight.  I guess that’s why they call it “happiness weight.”

Before we got married, Ben and I were pretty active, going hiking, going for walks, running together… We are now getting back into that…slowly but surely.

6. I stopped making goals for myself. As I mentioned before, I’ve always been a pretty active person, and I’ve always had goals for myself. Most of them have not been weight related, rather, they have been fitness focused. Examples: run a 5k in under 24 minutes, bench press my weight, get through that Jazzercise routine without tripping over my feet, use a heavier set of weights, run the Army Ten Miler (done in October 2009!), you get the idea.

The last year or so, I haven’t really laid out any definite fitness goals for myself. That’s going to change. I don’t usually make definitive new year’s resolutions, but I do make goals.  One of them is as follows:

I want to do a half marathon in either April or May (depending on which race I choose). I know it’s going to be a challenge because I am going to have to train through the winter. This will mean getting up early and facing freezing January mornings. It will also mean that I am going to have to consistently increase my mileage, something I haven’t done in a couple of years.  When I officially sign up for a race, I will post the details. I’m also going to continue on my clean eating track. I want you all to hold me accountable!

With that in mind, I want to come up with a few other fitness goals for 2012. And I’ll need your help with suggestions. Feel free to post a comment with your thoughts or let me know what your goals are for the year.

In other news, I finally figured out how to add the subscribe button, so you can subscribe via email! Feel free to enter your email in order to follow me on this journey!

Oh, and also, happy new year!!!

Happy New Year!

Have a great day everyone! New post coming soon!