Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall….

The month of December is going by entirely too fast. I’ve had so much going on and I feel like I am getting none of it done!

The Notebook has suffered due to this. But, I’m catching up. First things first.

Happiest of birthdays to my media naranja, Sara. May 25 be filled with lots of amazing things!

Anyway, as you may or may not know, I’ve been participating in a fun little online challenge called #elf4health. I totally planned on blogging about it each week… but, what’s that saying about life happening while you’re busy making plans? Well, yeah, that happened.

Today’s challenge is something from the heart. And I decided that it was time to do a post. Because… I like to talk a lot…and ramble.

Anyway, today’s challenge:

Look at yourself in the mirror & find THREE things you love about yourself.

1. My smile. I’ve been blessed with straight teeth–No braces. For this, I am so thankful. I also love that I have so many reasons to smile.  Every day!

I’m only 25, but I have been through a lot, especially over the last five years. I won’t get into details, but  there was a point in my life when I never thought that I would ever be able to truly smile again. I’m so happy that I was wrong.

Still smiling.

Still smiling.

Looking back is difficult, but it’s a time that I cherish because I grew so much as a person, and I pushed through.

Today, I have so many amazing people in my life. I laugh every day and I have been truly blessed, a good job, good health, good food, lots of love and so much more. So, I continue to smile.

2.  My legs and curves. If you’ve been following along, I recently posted about some issues I had with skinny jeans. In spite of these problems, I love my body. It may not be perfect, but it works perfectly for me. Since I’ve started running again, I’ve transformed my body, especially my legs and they continue to not fail me.

Post-race, Army Ten Miler, 2012

Post-race, Army Ten Miler, 2012

I’ve worked hard for those muscles and those curves and I am still in awe of what my body can do. My curve are a symbol of, not only my femininity, but also my strength.  I’m happy that, while I am not stick-thin, I’m healthy and my body reflects that. I am strong and I am woman–a winning combination.

3. My eyes. When I was younger, I desperately wanted to have blue eyes. It never happened. As I’ve grown older, I’ve decided that brown suits me much better. There is even a song for all of us brown-eyed girls!  I love the shape of my eyes and that  I’ve been blessed with long dark lashes… I also love that you can tell what I am thinking and feeling just by looking into them. 


Soul-searching or just waiting for the coffee to kick in?

 Most of all, I love that even with all the bad things, I am able to see the good in the world and in those around me through these eyes. As I’ve said, I had some troubled years but being positive and finding good in all situations has served me well. I admit it’s taken a lot of practice but  it’s something I hope never to lose.  

So, there you have it.  What are three things that you truly love about yourself? Anything that you have grown to love in recent years? I wanna know!

Real Talk- Legs.

I’m back!

As much as I loved sneaking off to the city for a couple of days with the birthday boy man, I have to admit, it is nice to be home. It felt so good to put on my super-soft, enormous sweats (They have always been big, but now they are …even bigger!) and a t-shirt and crawl into my own bed.

Don’t get me wrong, NYC was great. We ate and drank and walked and walked and ate and watched and walked all over. But there’s just something about coming home, dumping your stuff in a pile in the middle of the floor and immediately putting on those previously mentioned sweatpants. 

Say it with me, “Aaaah…”

Anyway, I know we have a lot of catching up to do. I’m working on a couple of posts…one I am having an especially hard time writing because it’s something very personal…and I am honestly unsure how exactly to approach it. In the end, I’m sure I’ll choose my normal verbal-vomit, dump whatever comes to mind out on the page screen approach. And that’s fine.

Before I do that, there are a few things I really need to get off my chest.

Allow me to give you a play-by-play of something that happened to me on Saturday.

Prepare for a rant.

1. I love boots. Especially tall boots. I just love them. And how they look.

2. I have big calves and always have. This makes buying and wearing tall boots very difficult. Sometimes impossible. So, you know that when I found a pair at Target last year on clearance for $20 that I had to have them. It was the last pair, and I could actually zip them all the way…okay, most of the way, but it was close enough that I bought them. And wear them often…even though they only zip most of the way.

3. I really love the way jeans look with tall boots. But I hate that I have to stuff them inside my already over-flowing boot leg.

4. That being said, I decided that I needed to find a pair of skinny jeans.

4b. I currently own two pairs of jeans-one that I saved from a few years back and one that I purchased…so I figured it was okay for me to buy a few more pairs. Both pairs are boot-cut, size 8.

5. I’m not a huge fan of skinny jeans. I don’t know why…But I decided that if I want to wear my boots as comfortably as possible, that I should get a pair. Give them a go, if you will.

It’ll also save my boot-cut jeans from getting super wrinkly if I decide to wear a few times between washes…not gonna lie, this happens often.

6.  On Saturday, I went to the mall to find an over-the-shoulder bag for our trip and decided that I would also find at least one pair of skinny jeans.

7. Instead of finding a cute pair of skinny jeans, I discovered that my previously mentioned big calves prevent me from being able to wear skinny jeans. Period.

8. This discovery is really depressing. I can’t make this stuff up…and furthermore, who would make this up?!

Seriously, I don’t know if it’s because I’ve gone down so many pants sizes or what, but most of the jeans I tried on I couldn’t even pull up all the way. Apparently if you wear anything below a size 12, you have chicken legs…or something.

I know what you’re thinking, Home Girl is in denial about what size she wears! 

For all of you thinking that,  I can tell you, every pair of boot-cut jeans I tried on, in the same size fit perfectly. But I wasn’t looking for boot-cut jeans, was I?

So no, it was NOT because they were too small or I couldn’t get them over my hips (which,yes, can happen and I am sure if you’re a bit curvy you can relate-you move up the size chart and move on with your life), but because apparently I have such monstrous calves that I could only get them up to a certain point until they got stuck.

9. Yes, the jeans got stuck on my calves, so much that I couldn’t pull them up all the way, no matter how hard I tried, and then I had to sit down and use both hands to peel them off. Try doing that in every store. Talk about a workout!

10. This initially made me feel like a freak! I had to do this little dance, not once, not twice, but over ten times in ten different stores…with numerous brands of jeans. I even tried going up a couple of  sizes in some stores, with the same result! I left the mall empty-handed (well, except for the bag I initially set out to get…which was also a huge disappointment–it broke!) and extremely discouraged. No wonder I can hardly ever find tall boots!

11. Why do clothing companies think that all women are created exactly the same? Why do clothing companies think that all women have tiny non-existent calf muscles?! Why does the “ideal” woman have to fit a certain image or set of measurements?! 

12. I’m 5’4″ and a size 8, however I’m also very curvy. And I have short legs. And big calves.

I have big boobs and a big butt…even after losing thirty pounds.  I’m not going to give you my measurements, because it really doesn’t matter and I think that would be a little creepy…but I will tell you that even after losing that much weight, my bra size remains the same… my hips and butt are smaller, but they are still very much there. And I am okay with that. So is my husband.

13. I run. Yes, I am a runner. This means that I have big legs. Big thighs and yes, apparently monstrous big calves. That doesn’t mean that I am “fat,” it means that I have muscle.  I admit, I was fat, but that is not the case anymore.

14. Growing up, I always had an issue with my legs. I wouldn’t wear certain things because I didn’t want to accentuate them and I was extremely self conscious–especially as a teenager.

15. Now, as a 25-year-old woman, I am embracing my body. This is what keeps me working to improve myself both physically and mentally. God gave me this body for a reason, but I know that He expects me to take care of it. This is why I work out and aspire to be better.

I know that I have my trouble spots, but I’m not focused on them. I know that I embrace my curves, my muscles, and even those giant calves.  I know that I am healthy.

My “big” legs carry me through long runs, giant hills, fast runs, mud and snow,  new challenges and every day life and I am so blessed to be able to use them to their maximum capacity. And I will continue to do so as long as I can.  


After an awesome workout... check out those gams!

So, I guess this is my way of taking a stand against those in the industry who try to make me conform to a certain size and shape. If you can’t make pants–or any clothing, for that matter–that work with my body, then I won’t wear them. Thanks but no thanks.

I am not a perfect creation, but I am perfectly me.