GBN: Week 16

Happy Thursday, Friends!

I took last week off from GBN because I really didn’t do too much.. This week was  a different story.

Thanksgiving Thursday-3.1 miles. Ben and I did the annual turkey trot this year and had so much fun! We opted for the 5k… I won’t go into details, but I’ll say that my stomach thanks me for it. I finished in 28 minutes and change. Not my best, but not my worst ,either.


Beautiful day for Turkey Trotting!

Friday-4 miles. The hubs and I were feeling pretty motivated thanks to some sweet Black Friday purchases! We headed to one of our favorite hilly routes and finished in just under 39 minutes… It was so windy, I couldn’t even run in a straight line! The first half of this run was pretty difficult, but after the second mile, I found my stride.


So much wind!

Saturday-4.5 miles. This run was a bit tough. I dropped Ben off at work and did a loop that runs along the lake and then loops back on a side road…  I was pretty sore and it was WINDY. At one point, I had to stop and walk, solely because the wind was blowing so much that I could barely move. But I finished in about 42 minutes. Faster than I thought!


Done before Dark. Boom!

Tuesday-At home workout. I failed to wake up on Tuesday morning and then had to work at both jobs, so I opted for an at home routine. I did 2 sets of the following: wall sits, planks, burpees, push ups, bicycle crunches, mountain climbers, leg lifts, jumping jacks and lunges. I completed it in about 15-20 minutes and I worked up quite the sweat. It doesn’t sound like much, but I was working it! My downstairs neighbor must think we’re crazy after Tuesday night!



Wednesday-Spin! Wednesday’s Elf4Health challenge was to try a new workout… I’ve been meaning to get to a spin class for the last couple of weeks but it simply has not been in the cards. Last night I went. I was absolutely dripping with sweat but felt great after… the only complaint I have today is that my butt is killing me today! Seriously, I can barely sit down!


First Spin Class… dripping in liquid awesome.

Overall-It was a really good workout week! I am glad that I got some cross-training in and was able to do some at home routines. I’d like to incorporate more of this. I only wish that I had run more during the week. This winter thing is killing me!

Goals for next week-Keeping it up!

Happy Running!

Today’s Notes to Self…

1. I really want T. Swift’s new album. Lyrical Genius. Should I be embarrassed by this?

2. Where was this album in 2009 when I really needed it?!

3. I love apples. And apple cider donuts. And apple cake. And pie … and… apples.

4. I had forgotten how much I enjoy eating toast with cream cheese and strawberry jam. Yum!

5. Does it make me a bad person if I change the radio station every time a song that features a gospel choir or kids singing comes on? It’s one thing if it’s, you know, a gospel concert or a kids’ chorus… but otherwise… such a gimmick! Come up with better material!

6. This happened on my way to work this morning…sigh.

7. Dear Old Navy, why is it that I’m down three sizes in every other brand of pants I try on, but I am only down one/still the same size in your pants? How does this make sense?!

8. Dear Size 8 (Except at Old Navy), it’s been a long time. I think we’ll stay friends for a while.

9. I need to make these soon.

10. Our fridge/freezer are currently stocked with butter and cream cheese. Life is as it should be and it’s time to do some baking. (Hello Pies!)

11. Speaking of pie, it’s time to make some of these little beauties.

12. Farmer Ben, I love that we’ve been getting in some runs together. You don’t know how happy this makes me…even if I did almost fall on my face last night.

14. I had forgotten how much I enjoy Sam’s Cherry Wheat. Phew!

15. Judging by most of these notes, it’s a good thing that I’ve been running lately!

16. How is Thanksgiving only a week and two days away?!

17. I cannot wait to try a spin class this week.

18. Habanero Hot Sauce made by Farmer Ben makes me happy…but it also makes my lips burn and my brow sweat. I guess it’s true that love hurts.

19. Cottage Cheese + Habanero Hot Sauce=True Love Forever.

20. I clearly haven’t had enough coffee today.

21. I can’t wait to run tonight. It’s going to be a late one, but worth it.

22. Anyone have any challenges/new adventures for me? See this post for more info.

23. Happy Tuesday!

13. Did anyone else notice that I skipped number 13? Oops!

Speaking of Challenges…

It’s Friday.  The Friday of a very long week. A long week, but a good week.

I’ve been feeling very accomplished this week, sticking to my challenges and taking on new ones as I go. For real, I could take over the world today!

  • As far as my MFP 50 day challenge goes, I have lost a little over 2 pounds so far. Not too shabby! I also got in a run with Farmer Ben last night and have been doing well at watching what I eat. I’ve been completing the mini-challenges within the group-so much motivation!
  • My clean eating challenge? I ate out last night at one of my local favorites, but it was a belated birthday dinner… other than that, I haven’t even gotten a coffee this week! So big!
  • I’ve been doing a lot of soul-searching and decision-making. And prayer (or circle-making). Big things on the horizon. I can feel it!
  • 30 days of gratitude is making me count my blessings. I am overflowing with joy when I realize how blessed I am.

On another note, I got a call from a friend yesterday asking me to fill in at a performance his theatre class is doing. It’s tomorrow. I got the script this afternoon. I haven’t been on stage (in a theatre production) in about 6 years. To say I am a little nervous is an understatement. EEEK!

I also made a deal with one of my MFP Buddies to attend a spin class next week. Something new. Totally new!

But I’ll be okay. I’m just looking at both of these opportunities as another little challenge…that I will win. Or learn from…or at least get a laugh out of.

So, in the spirit of spontaneity and taking on challenges, I am asking you to branch out this weekend. Do something unexpected and out of the ordinary! Big or small, just try something new!

Then, tell me about it!!! I’ll feature your obstacles, your successes and maybe failures growth opportunities in a post sometime next week. 

I want to know what you are doing and how you are taking on the world…or yourself!

You can either send me an email at noellesnotebook (@) or leave a comment below. Please get me your stories by Tuesday, November 13.

So fill me in!

Happy weekend!