GBN: Week 9

A litlte warning-this is going to get sappy.

Let me start off by saying two things.

1. I cannot believe the Ragnar Relay is 8 days away! I am so excited and nervous..excited because it’s going to be awesome,  and nervous because of my long leg…I haven’t gotten as much distance in as I’d like…eek!

2. Nine weeks is not a long time. But after just nine weeks, I feel amazing. Not only are my clothes fitting better, but I feel like I can take on the world. I’ve always considered myself a strong female, and working on the physical aspect of strength has given me a total confidence boost, inside and out.

Throughout these nine weeks, I’ve had a few readers tell me that they’ve been motivated to start (or continue) their own fitness journeys, partly because of this series. They’ve also shared some of their triumphs and challenges with me.  Not gonna lie, I was really surprised by this and extremely flattered.

It surprises me that people read this little blog…and it surprises me more that people would draw inspiration from me…I’m just a regular person, doing something I enjoy…not something I am particularly good at, mind you, but something I love that happens to keep me going…and taking stupid pictures along the way.

Anyone can run. Seriously.

I don’t really know what to say other than this; you push me even further. So thank you. I hope that you realize how amazing you truly are and how fun this journey can be…

Not gonna lie, there are days when I have felt like giving up (my 8 mile run last week, for example), but knowing that there are readers friends out there who are cheering me on has convinced me to keep going and to lace up my sneakers another day.

Thank you.

Keeping with this theme, I have so many people who inspire me and who I looked to when getting back on track…or if I need an extra push. I don’t think I have ever really told them… So thank you to Kristy, James, Chelsea, Jona, Farmer Ben, and Liz Dukes. 

Now, onto Week 9!

After a rough 8 mile run that left me feeling really discouraged and in a lot of pain, I took a couple of days off to regroup and rest. I hated not getting in a run for two days, but I needed the rest.

Saturday-4.7 miles. The hubs and I decided to do one of our usual routes backwards. For some reason, this direction is alway hard for me and I don’t know why. I started out feeling slow and clunky, but per usual, at mile two, I really found my stride and got in the zone. Most of the run is a slow incline, with a nice downhill in the last mile and a half.


My hair is super sexy.

We finished strong and the only pain I had was from a bad wardrobe decision/lack of options due to laundry (Long story short/TMI-a lot of my running bottoms are now too big and cause unnecessary friction. Ouch! #RealTalkonNoelle’sNotebook).

Sunday and Monday-No run. The aforementioned wardrobe injury was a bit worse than I thought… I’ll say no more…#MoreNNRealTalk.

On Sunday, the hubs and I attended and worked at a fundraiser, on top of church and work so there wasn’t much time for running.

Monday was spent at work and then searching for appropriate and properly fitted running shorts. Thank God. I picked up some sweet tights for the Ragnar at Target!


Farmer Ben was not happy to be seen with me.

Tuesday-4.42 miles. Again, this was an old standby route. Farmer Ben and I were up bright and early on Tuesday morning to ensure that we got a run in. Armed with my new compression capris, I started out like a champ. I withered a little bit about two miles in but managed to finish strong. The endorphins from this run kept me going all day and into the evening. I love that!

Photo Fail: Accidental Deletion…a picture of the gorgeous sunrise, instead!


Sunrise. Perfection.

Wednesday-6.3 miles. We had to do an evening run because we slept too late, but it was well worth it. The hubs and I met in our usual spot but veered off or our usual path and decided to run all over town. We visited a favorite route from last summer and darted through the main drag. This was a win. I felt ready for anything after this run…


This is my “oh crap! I forgot to take a picture right after my run” face. I hope this doesn’t happen again. Yikes!

Thursday-TBA. Okay. I admit it, I still haven’t mastered this whole getting up early thing. Truth be told, I was late to work this morning. But I packed a bag and am pounding the pavement after work tonight. I’m a woman on a mission.

Total Mileage-15.42 (so far!)

Overall: I think this was a good week. Not super high on the mileage but I got some good runs in. With the race a short eight days away, I’m looking for balance and I think this was a good week in that respect.

Goals for next week: One more long run before the race. That’s all I want. After that, I’ll be happy.

Better Late than Never…

So, to continue on my game of catching up…

This weekend was, in a word, phenomenal! For real. I haven’t had that much fun in a long time.

Ben and I ran the Chief Run 5k, benefitting the Wounded Warrior Foundation, with some friends on Saturday morning. It was chilly, but the sun was shining. I was nervous but the elation that came from having Ben do a race with me overshadowed anything else.

Once I got in the zone, I just kept plugging away and felt so in tune with the environment. Our times were …not great, but we ran the whole thing and we finished.

I’ve even talked Ben into doing another race this weekend!

Post Race: “Gross But Necessary” (shoutout to Pato!)

One thing I did learn? I have a lot of hill work to do. Seriously. My hips were screaming the next day, but it was worth it. It’s also time to add in some speed workouts!

After the race, we continued our weekend of fun with Cinco de Mayo celebrations, The Avengers, nachos, brisket smoking and a nice long walk. All in all it was a high-quality couple of days. We also got some good news and soaked up some Vitamin D. Win!

More catching up to come…stay tuned!