Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is.

I don’t broadcast my political beliefs on my blog and I try not to rant and rave about too many political issues on this site–It’s not the place for that.

However, I will use it to remind you to get your butt out and vote today. It’s your right and your duty.

I voted, did you?

 But don’t just vote today. Practice your beliefs every single day.

Vote with your dollar.

People forget that they have a choice every time they go to the store…pump gas…buy clothes or makeup… or order online. Even when they go out to dinner!

Whether it be trying to buy from local farms instead of large supermarkets, buying American-made products as opposed to items made overseas or supporting companies who are committed to the environment and their employees instead of those who are focused solely on the bottom line and the latest technology, your dollar is the biggest weapon you have for change.

I realize that sometimes it’s a tough choice and it can be a little more expensive (although many times, this is a myth), but if you want to change the system, every dollar–or vote–counts.

An example of this? My husband and I are very committed to knowing where our food comes from and eating local. 

We grow a lot of our own food and what we can’t grow, we get from local farms that we know and trust. Or order from companies that we have researched.

When we go out to dinner, we try to pick local restaurants that we know support local farms over chains and big food vendors.

We also try to buy products made in the US, whenever possible.

Again, this takes time and effort…and sometimes extra money, but it can be done.

I grow very tired of seeing people rant and rave about their personal beliefs and politics, who then go out and support the exact opposite with their dollar.

Do your research. Be educated. And use that knowledge.

So today and every day,  put your money where your mouth is.