GBN: Week 15

Have I really been doing this for 15 weeks? How crazy is that? Crazy, but so good.

I know I ran before, but now I have that extra push to be committed… I’m held more accountable… it’s slightly embarrassing, but I look forward to doing this post every week, even though it means showing off some really bad photos.

I like being able to say, “yeah, I run. I sweat. And I am a whole heck of a lot stronger because of it.”

So, I keep going. And having people tell me that this, in turn, keeps them going…well, that’s just an amazing feeling!

Anyway, here we go:

Thursday-3 miles (+/-) on an indoor track. I say plus or minus because I lost track on the last few laps, so I am estimating based on my time.

We went to the city rec center to check out their track, it’s kind of cool because it’s above the basketball court, so you can watch people shooting hoops while you run. It was nice to not have to bundle/layer up but I forgot how much I don’t like running inside…first, 11 laps is equal to a mile. Can you see why I lost count doing 3 miles?

Anyway, overall it wasn’t a bad run…I forgot a hair tie and it was hot… but I can’t complain…at least I got a run in!

33 laps later…I think…

Friday, Saturday and Sunday consisted of a double shift, helping out a friend, running errands and more work…I didn’t manage my time very well, so no run. I did do a little bit of walking with the hubby, so not a total fail.

Monday Afternoon-2 mile walk. Holy beautiful day! It was 60 degrees and the sun was shining. I had to take advantage of soaking up some November sunshine, so I scarfed my lunch at my desk and then drove into town for a quick walk. Two miles in thirty minutes, I went back to work feeling like a million bucks.

Perfect Timing, Wind.

Monday Night-3 mile night run. The hubby and I headed to one of our usual spots to run after work because it’s pretty well lit. Overall it was a pretty good run, we averaged 9:40 pace.

Such a gorgeous night!

I especially loved this run because we saw a big group of people running around the oval, working together and cheering each other on. You know that I love seeing stuff like this!  I was waving and smiling like a crazy person as we passed them.

Wednesday Morning-misadventure. I woke up late and then wound up running around trying to get a horse back to its house…long story, you can read about it here.

Well… at least I tried.

Wednesday Evening-Treadmill Workout. I headed to the gym to try a spin class, only to find that it had been moved to Thursdays. Because I was already there, I decided to jump on the treadmill for a bit.

My workout was 4.1 miles, 39 minutes total. I did half mile at 9:30 pace, half mile at 8:35 pace; half mile at 9:30, half mile at 8:25; half mile at 9:35, half mile at 8:13; half mile at 9:50 pace, half mile at 7:50 pace. (These are averages, based on playing with the speed/incline).

Sweaty Betty!

This was really hard. It was one of those workouts where you end up completely soaked, gasping for air and feeling every muscle burn. I had to take a moment between the third and fourth mile and even then, I talked myself through it. When I got off the treadmill, I was beat. This morning, I am pretty sore…but it felt good.

Total Mileage: 12 miles.

Overall: This week wasn’t bad. I didn’t get in as much mileage as I would have liked but I did get in some quality workouts. I’m hoping I can get in that spin class tonight, but if I don’t, I’m thinking an easy run to work out some lactic acid.

Goals for next week: I’d like to get in some distance and maybe some cross-training.

GBN: Week 14

Confession: I took a break after the Army Ten Miler.

Not on purpose, it just worked out that way. My hamstring had been bothering me since about mile 7 of the race and was pretty sore after…so I decided that a few days off would be good to keep injuries at bay… and then that “few days” turned into eleven.

But I’m back. And I have my eyes set on a slightly bigger prize.

So, here’s week 14:

Thursday-4.3 miles + cool down (Treadmill workout). Strangely, my first run back was on the treadmill. I say strangely because no matter how much I ran in the past or how great of shape I was in, I have NEVER been able to run on treadmill for more than a few minutes. In fact, I could barely manage a brisk walk on the treadmill. And when I say a few minutes, I mean a few minutes. Maybe 8 minutes running, tops.

And then it happened. A Thursday night at the Y, I found myself doing a 40 minute run (with a five-minute cool down) on the treadmill.


End Result….

Again, this has never happened. So I was pretty shocked…and sweaty. Not too shabby…but I admit, I used zero incline…mostly because I didnt’ know how it would go or if I would abandon it part way through (which usually happens). Regardless, I finished…and at a pretty good pace!


If you look closely, you can see my photographer. Hi Vanessa! Also, I’m over-glistening here… ick.

2. Saturday-2 mile night run! The hubby has been nursing a foot injury since the Ragnar Relay so he hasn’t run in over a month. But Saturday night, he felt like it was time. So we went to one of our usual spots and did two miles…fast!  9 minute pace.  I won’t lie, I was surprised–and impressed–that he was running so fast! He left me in the dust. It was a perfect way to end the day.


Showing off my Army Ten Miler Shirt!

Unfortunately the rest of the week didn’t go as planned… between a ridiculous drop in temperature, this cold that has been chasing me for over a month finally catching up with me (TMI: So much flegm!), work and life in general, I didn’t get another run in… however I did get to spend some extra time with Farmer Ben and we did some mall walking on Monday night… No, there were no windbreaker suits involved.

Overall, I am a little disappointed in myself this week, but at least I did SOMETHING. And you know, sometimes stuff happens. And you can only move on. So here’s to next week!

I think the time has finally come for me to bite the bullet and get a gym membership. Or to invest in some better winter running gear. 

How was your week? Are you braving the elements or hitting the gym for a workout?

Happy Running!