Just… Wow.

Lately, I’ve been all over the place.

Whether it be rushing to and from work, grabbing quick lunch dates with the hubby consisting of shredded beef nachos or subs, heading to Vermont to explore a new restaurant or heading out for a super sweaty run, I haven’t been sitting still too much lately.

That being said, life has been happening all over the place ….and I’ve got a few new obsessions.

1. This article. And trying not to get caught in said Busy Trap. I’m so guilty of this, but I am working on wrestling back control of my schedule…and my life.

2. This approach to cooking. I’ve always felt that I’ve been good at making a meal out of what I have on hand, but this article definitely hits it out of the park and is so well written… I’m inspired.

3. That being said… I have all of these things on hand. Well played, Joy the Baker. Well played. I must make this!

4. I have most of these ingredients… Yes, Please!

5. Potatoes. I am all about potatoes lately. Not that I haven’t always loved potatoes… but they are at the top of my radar lately.

6. Jalapenos… in case you haven’t picked up on that yet. Luckily, the garden is full of them!

7. The fact that I can fit into a different pair of “skinny pants.” It feels damn good.

8. My foodie penpal package. It’s HERE!!!!

9. My hubs. He’s pretty fantastic.

10. Liz is in town!!! YAY! Last night we ate way too much red meat and drank too much beer. No big deal. 

11. Tomatoes and Cukes from the garden…but that goes without saying.

12. A new series I have brewing for the blog…. I’m dragging my feet with starting it though, encouragement please!

13.  The fact that Farmer Ben and I are approaching a year of matrimony! Holy Moly, time flies!

14. The phrase “Holy Moly!”

One Comment on “Just… Wow.”

  1. Liz says:

    Yes, yes we did…. Thank you!!

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